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Psychological and physical considerations Internet addiction, repetitive strain injury (RSI), ergonomics.

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1 Psychological and physical considerations Internet addiction, repetitive strain injury (RSI), ergonomics.

2 Internet addiction Internet Addiction is addiction to the internet where a user cannot pull themselves away from computer activities. Today internet has become as addictive as drugs and alcohol, creating number of ethical and social issues. And this is increasing as more people go online. Several signs of computer addiction; Using computer longer than intended Not noticing the passing of time Obsessively checking e-mails, face book etc Playing games continuously for hours Neglecting family, work and personal health Using the computer as an escape when feeling stressed Cyber-Relationship Addiction

3 Effects of Computer Addiction This can be social and ethical issues: Isolation from friends and families Losing track of time Relationship begins to wither if stopped attending social gatherings Long term uses of computer can cause physical damage eg: RSI Back problems Sleep disturbances Change in your regular timetable Dalaying o rhaving trouble completing important task because of excessive use of compuetr

4 Death from excessive gaming In Asia particularly in China and South Korea computer games seems to be a huge problem. There have been incidents where people have died after playing games nonstop for a long time. A man has died after playing games for 3 days at an internet café. These countries have set up special counseling centers to deal with gaming addictions, and China has enacted strict laws limiting Internet café access

5 “The father of a gamer who died of deep vein thrombosis warns that excessive gaming may cause blood clots that can travel to your lungs and kill you.”!

6 Repetitive strain injury (RSI) “It is an injury of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems that may be caused by repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, mechanical compression or awkward positions”

7 RSI in wrist and hands The repetitive movemet of typing and using mouse over a long period of time can result in RSI in the wrist. RSI can be solved by using a wrist-rest to support wrists while using computer. And Taking breaks from typing.

8 Ergonomics “The science of how we interact with the objects around us is called ergonomics.”

9 Ergonomics equipment are designed to prevent RSI. Therefore it is productive, fit to use and prevents certain health problems. It can be set up to user’s capabilities and limitations to ensure that tasks, equipment and enviroment suit each user. Ergonomics

10 Ergonomic keyboard and mouse Foot operated mouse

11 Ergonomic Chair An ergonomic chair fits the body well, giving support to areas such as the lower back. Prevents back and neck ache due to having a bad sitting posture. The chair can be adjusted to meet the user’s comfortness. Thecomputer keyboard and monitor should be at the correct height for the seated person

12 Bad posture good posture


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