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Pennsylvania State Driver’s License. Who Needs a PA Driver’s License?

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1 Pennsylvania State Driver’s License

2 Who Needs a PA Driver’s License?

3 Foreign License Holders PA honors a valid foreign driver’s license with an international driving permit for 1 year Reciprocity exists between France, Germany, and Puerto Rico without Road or Knowledge test, but vision test is required If you want a PA license you must apply for a learner’s permit

4 People Living in PA At least 16 years old and want to drive If you just moved to PA and have another state’s license you have 60 days to get a PA driver’s license

5 Languages Available Arabic Chinese Mandarin French Hindi Korean Russian Spanish Ukrainian Vietnamese

6 Where to Obtain Forms and Other Information

7 Steps to Obtain A Driver’s License 1. Obtain a Learner’s Permit 2. Pass the Vision Test 3. Pass the Knowledge Test 4. Pass the Road Test

8 Learner’s Permit Application Non-commercial learner’s permit application (over 18) application Non-commercial learner’s permit applicationpermit (under 18)

9 Social Security Number Required by law Used as identifying information to minimize fraud Not part of your public driver’s record Will not be printed on learner’s permit or license

10 Physical Must be completed by approved health care provider No earlier than 6 months before 16 th birthday

11 Identification Requirements Non- US citizens (All forms of identification must be the originals and show the same name and date of birth.) Signed Social Security card and one of the following Valid Passport All original USCIS/Immigration documents Written proof from employer Written proof of attendance from school

12 Proof of Residency Current Utility Bills (mobile, cellular phones not accepted) Tax records Lease agreements Mortgage documents (Documents must have your name and official PA address on them.)

13 Payment Check or Money Order only Cash, debit or credit cards cannot be accepted

14 Knowledge Test When you go to take the Knowledge Test bring: Completed Learner’s Permit Application Proof of date of birth and ID (originals) Social Security card Check or money order After you pass the vision test you take the Knowledge Test

15 Knowledge Test Measures knowledge of Traffic signs PA driving laws Safe driving practices

16 Knowledge Test Given at all Driver License Centers in PA If you fail you may retake it the next business day You must answer 15 of the 18 multiple choice questions correctly to pass Practice questions available on the website under the Teen Driver Information Center under PA Driver’s Manualwebsite

17 Learner’s Permit Received after you pass the Knowledge Test Valid for one year You may begin practicing driving with a licensed driver sitting in the front passenger seat Additional requirements for drivers under the age of 18

18 Road Test Make appointment either by phone ( or online ) under General Services headingonline Need to take these with you (must be originals) Valid learner’s permit Valid registration card for vehicle using for test Proof of insurance for vehicle using for test Valid driver’s license of person going with you to take test Completed certificate for 65 hours training (if under 18)

19 Road Test Examiner will be your only passenger during road test If you pass, you get a 15-day temporary driver’s license Permanent license will arrive in mail within 15 days

20 Road Test If you fail, you have two more chances to pass the test After 3 rd failure you must reapply to extend your learner’s permit If under 18, you must wait 7 days before you can retake the test

21 Good Luck Always Drive Safely And Obey the Rules of the Road

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