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Blocks 3 and 7 Vocabulary Group 5. appreciate (v)

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1 Blocks 3 and 7 Vocabulary Group 5

2 appreciate (v)

3 I really appreciate what you did for me! That was so nice! What does appreciate mean?

4 bankrupt (a)

5 The man used to be rich, but after he spent all his money he realized he was bankrupt. It’s time for him to start saving money to avoid bankruptcy in the future! What does bankrupt mean?

6 budget (n)

7 We follow a strict budget at home so that we have enough money to pay for the really important things, like food and gas. How could keeping a budget help you avoid becoming bankrupt?

8 contribute (v)

9 We contribute 10% of our money to a savings account. That way, our contributions will grow over time and if there’s ever an emergency, we’ll have some money to take care of it. How much can you contribute to your piggy bank each week?

10 extravagant (a)

11 Um… that dress is definitely too extravagant. I mean, seriously, where would you even wear that? There’s just too much going on with this dress. The extravagance of it doesn’t even seem reasonable.

12 fee (n)

13 I had to pay a late fee at the public library because I kept my books too long. Have you ever had to pay a fee for anything?

14 frugal (a)

15 Since I’m frugal, I save my money and don’t spend it. Some people say I’m cheap, but I’m not cheap! I just think that being frugal is a good idea because I don’t want to waste my money on goofy stuff.

16 invaluable (a)

17 This diamond is invaluable. That means it’s so expensive that you can’t even put a price value on it. Therefore, it’s invaluable. You can’t even buy it because it’s worth too much.

18 poverty (n)

19 Some countries are so poor that the people live in poverty. They struggle to eat and survive each day, never knowing if they will have anything to eat or any medicine for sickness. What can we do to help alleviate poverty in other countries?

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