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1 Susan Weigert, Project Officer GSEGs Overview of GSEG Management.

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1 1 Susan Weigert, Project Officer GSEGs Overview of GSEG Management

2 ► Accountability for Results ► Budget Draw Down ► Project Revisions

3 3 G P R A - 1993 Ø Ties federal funding to results Ø Promotes accountability to Department mission Government Performance and Results Act 

4 4 Performance Measures Specified in Priority  The extent to which the goals, objectives, and outcomes to be achieved by the proposed project are clearly specified and measurable.  The extent to which the design of the proposed project is appropriate to, and will successfully address, the needs of the target population or other identified needs. 

5 5 Grantee’s Overall Responsibilities  Comply with Ed reporting Requirements  Fiscal Accountability  Conform to gseg’s approved goals and objectives  Makes Progress against Performance Measures as (specified above)  Ensure quality and effectiveness of Project outcomes

6 6 Administration/Management  As Stated in approved application  Key personnel changes obtain ED approval  Make all staff aware of project’s: purpose, duration, objectives GSEG Management Authority

7 7 Maintain on Site  The Funded application & award documents  Any Project revision(s) documentation  Monthly budget & updated personnel list

8 Project Director Resources (to have at your fingertips) EDGAR Program “Legs” & Regs OMB Circulars Application Package GPRA

9 9 Methods of GSEG Monitoring  Telephone (Quarterly Reporting)  Email and Fax  GAPS Monitoring  Director’s meetings ) Maintain Communication with your PO on GSEG Progress

10 10 Dept. of Ed’s “Drawdown” Policy  Request funds for immediate needs only  Minimize time between requests & expenditures  Draws should be commensurate with scope

11 11 Funding Concerns ² Large amounts of unobligated funds ² Either excessive or Infrequent requests for funds

12 12  Allowable - permitted or not specifically prohibited  Allocable - necessary for project’s success  Reasonable - costs that would be incurred by a “prudent” person All Must be: Budget Items

13 13 EDGAR Prior Approval Required for  Changes in project scope / objectives  Changes in key personnel  IHE & non-profit project directors > absent for more than 3 months > 25% reduction in time  Need for additional Federal funds

14 14 Time Extension Final Year: h One-time extension up to one year h Grantees sends written notice including: h Reasons for extension h Revised expiration date

15 15 Time Extension cont. Send Written notification to Program Officer:  No later than 10 days before project ends  State reasons for extension  Include revised expiration date

16 16 Time Extension ∴ Cannot be merely for the purpose of using unexpended funds ∵ Extension must not require additional Federal funds ∴ Cannot change the scope or objectives of Project

17 17 Interim Performance Reporting  Quarterly Phone Reports  Update on:  Progress against stated Goals of the GSEG.  Personnel Vacancies  Status of Budget  Internal, external challenges  Proposed revisions in project  Partnerships

18 18 Final (or Annual) Performance Reporting ¯ Project’s success and financial accountability ¯ Submit annual (final) performance report w/in 90 days of end of each grant year (noted on GANS) ¯ Submit annual (final) financial report w/in 90 days of end of each grant year EDGAR §§ 74.51 & 80.40

19 19 Final Reports  Final Performance Report (524B)  Comparison of all actual accomplishments with measurable goals and objectives (listed in GSEG application or revised)  Financial Status report (SF 269A)  Relate financial data to performance data  Maintain financial records that identify source and application of funds

20 20 Final Performance Report  EDGAR 74.51  Final Reports must contain brief information on:  Comparison of actual accomplishments with measurable goals and objectives stated in application.  If accomplishments are quantifiable, relation of quantity to cost.  If some goals not met, explanation of why

21 21 OSEP’s Closeout Checklist  Final Performance report addressing all goals and objectives  Final Financial Data submitted and consistent with GAPS account  Final status report (269A)  Notification of Closeout in Compliance  (or Noncompliance )

22 22 High-Risk Classification  Documented unsatisfactory performance  Financially unstable  Non-standard management  Non-conformance to terms/conditions  Otherwise not responsible

23 23 Special Conditions for High Risk Grantees  Temporarily stop funds  Increased reporting  Require prior approval  Withhold continuation  Suspension/Termination

24 24 Reminder on GSEG Funded Publications ED requires a special disclaimer for publication of:  Editorials, “Op-Ed”, reports, films, etc.  Any material containing project materials  EDGAR §75.620

25 EDGAR § 75.620 Sample Disclaimer “The contents of this (insert type of publication) were developed under a grant from the Department of Education. However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education and you should not assume endorsement of the contents by the Federal government.”

26 26 General Education Provisions Act (GEPA)  Maintain grant records for 3 years after final submission of all required reports  (Longer if audit or legal issues require resolution)

27 27 Helpful Online Resources  Grants training & resources  Financial management guide  Administrative requirements

28 28 On-line Resources Who~ new project directors and business officers ~ refresher for experienced staff What~ training materials – resources/pubs – ED grant office home page links When~ Where~ wherever you have computer access Why~ responsible/effective project management -- avoid costly mistakes

29 29 On-line Resources Grantee’s major responsibilities Monitoring activities to evaluate grantee’s performance when performance conferences will take place performance reports and when to submit them Site visits – compliance and technical assistance Fiscal management and recordkeeping Four administrative actions permitted via “expanded authority”

30 ² Program Officer: ² Susan Weigert (202)245-6522 Contact Information

31 31 Susan Weigert, OSEP Partnership is Key to Project Success

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