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Vera M. Messina Lead Grants Management Specialist Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration Office of Federal Assistance Management

2 Objectives Walk through post-award administrative management of HRSA grants: Prior approval requests Response to grant conditions and/or terms

3 Prior Approval Procedures
Any changes in the scope or budget that may significantly impact the project or materially impair the ability to meet objectives. What type of changes require prior approval from HRSA?

4 Prior Approval Procedures
Most common actions requiring HRSA prior approval: Change in project director/other key personnel Requires request from Authorized Representative and resume/CV for proposed staff Budget Revisions Usually for changes of more than 25% of total budget Some programs require prior approval for all budget revisions Requires SF424-A, line item budget and narrative justification

5 Actions Requiring HRSA Prior Approval
Carryover of unobligated funds into the subsequent funding period request should be submitted at the same time as the SF-425 Federal Financial Report (FFR) and must include an SF424-A, line item budget, and narrative justification should include details as to how the carryover will be used to complete the previously approved goals and objectives of the program should not be requested solely in order to spend down available unobligated funds Carryover is not always guaranteed

6 Actions Requiring HRSA Prior Approval
No-Cost Extensions: A request to extend the final project period up to one year beyond the original expiration date shown on the NGA. No additional funds are required to be obligated by the awarding agency, there will be no change to the project scope or objectives and any one of the following applies: Additional time beyond the established expiration date is required Continuity of Federal grant support is required while a competing continuation application is under review The extension is necessary to complete the original approved aims of the project. Must be submitted no less than 30 working days prior to the end of the project period

7 Actions Requiring HRSA Prior Approval
Change in scope Inclusion of costs that require prior approval Equipment, foreign travel, training stipends Contracting for substantive programmatic work Transfer of funds allotted to training Absence of project director for more than 3 months or a 25% reduction in time devoted Need for additional Federal funds Change of grantee organization Pre-award costs Program specific items

8 Prior Approval Procedures
Some programs waive certain prior approval requirements such as for carryover or grant extensions under “expanded authorities” Prior approval requests must be submitted through the EHB Prior Approval area After review by the program officer and grants management specialist, approval is official when a Notice of Grant Award is issued reflecting the approved request

9 Response to Grant Conditions
Award-specific terms and conditions HRSA may include terms or conditions on the NGA that address concerns applicable to that recipient only or all recipients For example, due to concerns about a recipient’s financial management systems, a condition of award may request submission of a recent audit. Conditions have specific due dates and deliverables and submission is through the EHB; terms may or may not require a response and can be informational only


11 Lead Grants Management Specialist
Contact Information Vera M. Messina Lead Grants Management Specialist


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