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Teachers have a significant role in developing and implementing the most effective teaching and learning strategies in their classroom and striving for.

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2 Teachers have a significant role in developing and implementing the most effective teaching and learning strategies in their classroom and striving for consistent, high quality classroom teaching that will deliver improvements in student learning and directly impact on the achievement of Government education targets.

3  Support the school in meeting its responsibilities to students, parents and to Government through linking staff performance and achievement of school, Department and Government policies and targets.

4  Provide feedback on performance to support ongoing learning and development of staff, with a focus on ways in which student learning can be improved.

5  Enhance the capacity of staff in undertaking leadership roles within their Area and school.


7  As part of the VIT requirements for the VSL all teachers are expected to complete a minimum of 25 hours of professional development and learning to be accrued over the course of the year.

8  This can be both formal professional development (external PD through subject associations, VSL professional learning activities & PD).  Can you provide some more examples of formal professional development?

9  This can also be informal professional development or internal PD (VCE moderation partnerships, mentoring, staff faculty meetings, briefings etc).  Can you provide some more examples of informal professional development?

10  Staff will be provided with a template at the beginning of the school year.  As you complete Professional Development document it on the template.

11  Name of Professional Development activity attended  Date  Time and Place of Activity  Duration of Program  Feedback on program  Professional Learning hours accrued

12  For all formal professional development it is recommended that you keep an agenda or the certificate of participation issued at the session to validate your attendance.  These can be filed with your PD template for your records

13 Professional development activity attended Date Time and place of the activity Duration of program Feedback on program Professional hours accrued VSL Professional development Day 1 1 February 2014 9am – 12pm VSL: South East Area Dandenong HS (Princes HWY, Dandenong) 3 hours  Information presented on transition from VELS to AusVELS & VCE  Opportunity to network  Opportunity to plan program summary for 2014 in faculty groups 3hours New Teacher Induction 26 February 2014 6:30pm-9pm VSL Head Office Clarendon street, Thornbury) 2½ hours5½ hours


15  The proposed performance requirements specify the way in which a classroom teacher expects to demonstrate that the professional standards for teachers have been met.  These are based on the DEECD Performance & Development guidelines and VIT Teacher Performance Standards.

16 These are categorised into 3 Dimensions  Professional Knowledge  Professional Practice  Professional Engagement (The Teacher’s)

17 Professional Standard 1: Students Know how students learn and how to teach them effectively  What do your students already know?  What can they do well?  What areas need development?

18 Professional Standard 2: Curriculum Know the content to teach  The Teaching content and Student learning outcomes for the program of learning.  Drawing on the content of your program of learning and prior knowledge of your students establish the content for your class and how this relates to broader curriculum expectations.  Establish the learning outcomes –ensuring they are achievable for all students but also challenge and develop their knowledge.

19 Professional Standard 3: Student Engagement Use a range of learning practices & resources to engage students in effective learning  Developing learning resources, teaching practices and activities In planning consider:-  The sequence and structure of the program to facilitate learning for all students  The resources you will use to teach the content (including ICT where relevant) and how they will engage your students.  The teaching strategies you will use to develop knowledge, skills, problem solving and critical thinking.  How will you use verbal and non-verbal communication strategies to support understanding and engagement with learning?  How and when will you provide feedback to your students on the progress of their learning in relation to learning outcomes?  How will you engage parents/carers with the learning of your students?

20 Professional Standard 4: Student Wellbeing Create and maintain a safe and challenging learning environment  The teacher promotes a culture of value & respect for individuals and their communities  Each student experiences success through structured support, the valuing effort, and recognition of their work  The teacher encourages and supports students to take responsibility for their learning  The teacher uses strategies that build skills required for productive collaboration

21 Professional Standard 5: Assessment Plan & Assess for effective learning and provide feedback  Develop assessment activities & practices  To be able to reflect on the effectiveness of your practice you need to be able to assess the learning of your students  Your assessment of learning should include both formative and summative assessment strategies and activities

22 Professional Standard 6: Personal Evaluation & Reflection Reflect on, evaluate and improve your professional knowledge, learning & practice  Discussing what you do in the classroom with colleagues – faculty/year level/centre based  Evaluating the effectiveness of your practice  Understanding the learning your students achieved during the unit/semester assists you to evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching practice  Did your students achieve the expected learning outcomes and how has their level of learning increased?  What will you do next to continue to support the learning of your students?  If there was little impact on student learning, what has that told you about your practice and what might you try next?  What aspects of your own learning will you apply to other teaching situations in the future?  How will you continue to develop your knowledge and practice?

23 Professional Standard 7: Community Involvement Be an active member of the language community and teaching profession  Engage professionally with colleagues, parent/carers and the community  Meet professional and ethical responsibilities – duty of care, staff contract, ministerial order for teachers, VIT professional standards  Comply with legislative, administrative and organisational requirements  Engage with parents and carers  Engage with professional/teachers networks and communities  Meet code of ethics & conduct as required by DEECD, VIT and VSL  Understand implication of and comply with administration, organisation, professional requirements, policies and processes

24 1. Complete the Jigsaw Activity  Place the Professional standards in the correct category  Match the ideas on how to demonstrate the standard 2. When you finish:  Area Managers will provide you the template to check your jigsaw

25  In groups what have you done in your classroom to demonstrate that you are achieving the standard?

26 In your booklet  It explains and further defines the professional standard  It provides examples of what you can do to demonstrate that you are achieving the standard  It provides further strategies to demonstrate the standard by linking it to POLT (Principles of Learning & Teaching)

27  At the end of the teaching year (2015) you will be required to submit to your Area Manager  The completed Professional Learning Log  The Professional Teaching and Reflection Plan  This will be filed as a personal reflection of what you have achieved throughout the year and inform you on how you can further develop your methodology and pedagogy to improve the Teaching & Learning outcomes for students at the Victorian School of Languages


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