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Goals-Based Evaluation (GBE)

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1 Goals-Based Evaluation (GBE)

2 GBE is intended to relate professional development to certificate renewal, make professional development more effective and meaningful, and establish explicit criteria and procedures for moving continuing contract teachers from GBE to formal evaluation.

3 GBE Cycle Educators are on a five-year GBE cycle, consistent with their professional certificate validity period. Educators’ Professional Growth and Development/GBE Plans may apply to certificate renewal.

4 GBE Cycle Minimum number of goals required:
One or more during the five-year period Maximum number of goals that can be required at one time: Three There are no pre-specified goal areas, except when performance weaknesses have been identified and documented over time.

5 What are goals? Goals are desired end-points
activities and strategies are the means to those ends Enrolling in a course is NOT a goal. It is an activity. The goal has to do with what should be gained by completing the course (e.g., more knowledge, greater skill).

6 GBE applies to all classroom-based teachers,
special area educators (i.e. library media specialists, school guidance counselors, and speech-language therapists), retired educators, educators who are participating in the TERI plan, and educators who hold National Board Certification.

7 What are the two types of GBE-R?
Research & Development (R&D) GBE Competence-Building GBE * All educators who “pass” formal evaluation should initially be initially on R & D GBE.

8 Difference in Purposes
Research & Development GBE Competence-Building GBE Allows educators to engage in inquiry and continual professional development within the context of the performance standards Allows administrators and educators to target specific weaknesses (as opposed to a full formal evaluation that encompasses all ADEPT performance standards)

9 When should competence-building GBE begin?
As soon as an administrator has identified and documented performance weaknesses over time.

10 Research & Development GBE

11 Analysis of Instructional Practices
The R & D GBE Process Step 1: Analysis of Instructional Practices The educator should review School Renewal Plan and district initiatives. reflect on professional strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

12 The R & D GBE Process Step 2:
Complete draft of the R &D GBE Professional Growth and Development Plan The educator will ensure goals meet SDE requirements. determine beginning and ending dates for goals. determine the appropriateness of the GBE goal(s) for the certificate renewal process. include specific action steps/activities that will lead to goal completion.

13 The R & D GBE Process Step 2: (cont.) The educator will
ensure strategies reflect certificate renewal activities.* list specific evidence that will be submitted for each strategy. identify how satisfactory progress and/or goal accomplishment will be determined (level of performance). *Certificate renewal must be linked to GBE strategies GBE strategies do not have to serve as certificate renewal activities.

14 5 Criteria for Setting Goals
All goals must be related to one or more of the ADEPT performance standards. All goals must be stated in terms of the educator’s change or improvement over time. At least one goal must be stated in terms of the educator’s influence on students. Improved behavior Increased achievement

15 5 Criteria for Setting Goals
At least one goal must support any applicable school or district initiative. District Strategic Plan School Renewal Plan If performance weaknesses in terms of the ADEPT performance standards have been identified, one or more goals must address these weaknesses. The educator must pursue one or more goals each year of the five-year GBE cycle. If all goals are completed early, the educator must develop one or more new goals to cover the remaining year(s) of the cycle. However, the educator may not be required to work toward no more than three goals during one year.

16 Sample Goals I will utilize MAP testing data to increase student achievement. I will decrease my failure rate by ___%. I will increase the use of interactive technology in my classroom. I will improve student achievement by implementing Making Middle Grades Work/High Schools that Work strategies. I will improve the implementation of my overall management plan to decrease student referrals and increase student engagement in lessons.


18 Sample Goal and Strategies
I will increase my leadership skills. Attend Making Middle Grades Work staff development sessions. Successfully complete Mentor training. Serve as a mentor and complete all requirements. Serve as department head and coordinate/facilitate monthly grade level meetings.


20 Sample Goal, Strategies, and Evidence
I will increase my leadership skills. Attend Making Middle Grades Work staff development sessions. Minutes from meetings Certificate or agenda for each meeting Successfully complete Mentor training. Certificate Serve as a mentor and complete all requirements. Completed Mentor Weekly Contact Log Completed Mentor Informal Feedback form


22 The R & D GBE Process Step 3:
The educator meets with the GBE supervisor to discuss the proposed plan and make modifications, as necessary.

23 The R & D GBE Process Step 4:
The educator begins working on the goal(s), either independently or collaboratively.

24 The R & D GBE Process Step 5:
The educator meets at least once annually with the GBE supervisor to discuss progress toward meeting the goal(s). *Educator must complete or make satisfactory progress toward accomplishing at least one goal each year (no more than 3 goals per year).

25 Competence-Building GBE

26 Competence-Building GBE…
Is NOT intended to address conduct problems. Conduct problems should be addressed through Improvement Plans, not through GBE. Examples of conduct problems include, but are not limited to, Persistent neglect of duty, Willful violation of rules and regulations, Gross immorality, Dishonesty.

27 During Competence-Building GBE the Supervisor must…
bring the specific performance weakness(es) to the attention of the educator, establish goals to ameliorate the weakness(es), ensure that reasonable efforts are made to assist the educator, and allow reasonable time for improvement.

28 What about supervisors?
The supervisor must be a school or district level administrator. This administrator plays a major role in developing and monitoring the educator’s professional growth and development (PGD) plan.

29 Competence-Building GBE Strategies are…
included in the PGD plan. sets of activities that are likely to be useful or helpful in achieving the goal. likely to involve some activities that may be used for certificate renewal. NOT to be confused with accomplishing the goal.

30 Competence-Building Professional Growth and Development Plan
The PGD plan is typically monitored at least twice annually, with the last monitoring occurring before April 29. GBE Professional Growth and Development Plans due to the Office of Teacher Quality May 18.

31 Competence-Building GBE
Possible Outcomes If goal is met: If satisfactory progress: If not met or unsatisfactory progress Continue C-B GBE Return to R&D GBE Move to formal evaluation Improvement plan? Develop new C-B GBE goal Pursue contract non-renewal Competence-Building GBE

32 Questions?

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