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Software Project Management By Assistant Prof. Samana Zehra

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1 Software Project Management By Assistant Prof. Samana Zehra

2 Course Objective To learn the techniques required to plan, organize, monitor and control software projects

3 Learning aspects in SPM … Managing people, process and problems during a software project Relating software metrics with software projects Estimating effort, cost and project duration Risk assessment techniques Project scheduling Project quality management Formal Technical Reviews (FTRs) Change management during software development and after delivery to customer

4 Books Text Book:  Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach 6/e or 7/e – by Roger Pressman Reference Material:  A Guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge – PMI Standards Committee (William R. Duncan)  nagement nagement  Other relevant resources will be included on suggestions

5 Course Contents From Roger Pressman’s Book  Chapter 21 - Project Management  Chapter 22 - Metrics for Process and Projects  Chapter 23 - Estimation  Chapter 24 - Project Scheduling  Chapter 25 - Risk Management  Chapter 26 - Quality Management (selected topics)  Chapter 27 - Change Management Handouts from reference material

6 Evaluation Scheme Sessionals/Internal – 25 marks  Quiz (3 to 4) – 15 marks  Assignments (1-2) – 10 marks External – 25 marks  Viva OR presentation OR both Final Exam – 100 marks


8 Lecture Outline What is a Project  Details relevant to Project What is Project Management  Details relevant to Project Management What is Software Project Management  Details relevant to Software Project Management

9 What is a Project ? PMI definition  It is a temporary endeavor (having specific start and completion dates) undertaken to create a unique product or service

10 Elaborating the Definition … Temporary  means that every project has a definite beginning and definite end  End is reached when … project’s objectives have been achieved OR It is clear that objective will not be met. The project is terminated in such a situation  The term temporary does not apply to a project’s product or service (which is a lasting result) Unique  means that the product or service is different in some distinguishing way from all similar products or services

11 Projects Projects may involve a single person or thousands Projects may be completed in hours, several months or years Examples of projects  Developing a new product or service  Designing a new vehicle  Constructing a building  Running a campaign for political office  Implementing a new business procedure or process  And so on …

12 What is Project Management ? It is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives

13 Project Management Following are related to Project Management  Professional Organizations Project Management Institute (PMI) ( Software Engineering Institute (SEI) IEEE Software Engineering Group  Certifications PMI’s PMP (Project Management Professional)  The “PMBOK” – PMI Body of Knowledge  Tools MS Project Primavera Project Manager

14 Project Management Project Management Skills  Leadership  Communications  Problem Solving  Negotiating  Influencing the Organization  Mentoring  Process and technical expertise

15 Project Management Project Manager Positions  Project Administrator / Coordinator  Assistant Project Manager  Project Manager / Program Manager  Executive Program Manager  V.P. Program Development

16 Project Management Knowledge Areas PMI has suggested 9 Knowledge Areas  Project Integration Management  Project Scope Management  Project Time Management  Project Cost Management  Project Quality Management  Project Human Resource Management  Project Communications Management  Project Risk Management  Project Procurement Management

17 Software Project Management

18 a sub-discipline of project management in which software projects are planned, monitored and controlled

19 Project Planning Its purpose is to identify the  scope of the project,  estimate the work involved,  and create a project schedule. Project planning begins with requirements that define the software to be developed. The project plan is then developed to describe the tasks that will lead to completion

20 Project Monitoring and Control The purpose  To keep the team and management up to date on the project's progress.  If the project deviates from the plan, then the project manager can take action to correct the problem. Project monitoring and control involves status meetings to gather status from the team. When changes need to be made, change control is used to keep the products up to date.

21 The End

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