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The Value of a Project Management Office Copyright: Kathy J. Lang, 2004.

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1 The Value of a Project Management Office Copyright: Kathy J. Lang, 2004

2 Agenda Problem Statement Solution – Project Management Office Results – Critical Success Factors Next Steps

3 Problem Statement

4 Types of Work Operations Projects

5 Project* A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service. Temporary – definite beginning and definite end Unique – the product or service is different in some distinguishing way from all similar products or services *The Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge

6 Project Operations

7 Problems No consistent management Lack of prioritization No formal tracking Lack of communication Lack of functional user involvement

8 Problems Not On-Time Not On-Budget Not Meeting Expectations

9 Solution First Attempt

10 First Attempt Inventory projects –Current, approved and pending –Prioritize current projects Schedule projects and set end-dates Require project plans Implement Project Server Trained staff

11 Project Managers Individual responsible for the project Assigned to a specific application area Other technical staff

12 Problems continued… Lack of communications Lack of functional user involvements Lack of project management skill sets Not on-time Not on-budget

13 Solution: Project Management Office (PMO)

14 Project Management Office (PMO) provide the structure and expertise needed to improve project success rates

15 Goals Improve Project Success Standardize the Project Process

16 Goals Follow consistent methodology Improve management Improve communication Improve functional user involvement Prioritize projects Monitor progress/budget

17 People Process Technology





22 Implementation Phase Schedule Project Assign PM Identify Project Team –Executive Sponsor –Functional Lead(s) –Technical Lead(s) –Other Resources

23 Implementation Phase Formulate Steering Committee Create a Communications Team

24 Implementation Phase cont. Develop Project Charter –Identify Executive Sponsor –Set Expectations –Sets Milestones –Identify Project Team Roles Responsibilities

25 Implementation Phase cont. Project Kickoff Project Plan –Sub-Plans Implementation Location

26 Implementation Phase cont. Project Meetings Weekly Progress Reports –Accomplishments –Risks/Issues Steering Committee Meetings Communication Meetings

27 Project Closure Project Complete Transition to Operations Formal Project Closure Post Project Review

28 Results/ Critical Success Factors

29 Results On-Time On-Budget Increased User Satisfaction More Projects Completed

30 Critical Success Factors Management of Expectations Adequate Budget Cross-functional Teams Strategic Use of Consultants Right Project Manager Effective Steering Committee Minimal Scope Creep

31 Next Steps

32 More Documentation Better Transition to Operations Improved Project Reviews Staff Evaluations User Assessments Formal Approval Process

33 Approval Process Information Technology Planning Committee (ITP) University Policy & Procedure

34 ITP Key Campus Representatives Charge –Recommend IT Strategic Plan –Recommend/Prioritize Projects

35 University Policy & Procedures Formal policy regarding IT projects –VP/Dean Approval –IT Services Approval –Funding Plan

36 Approval Process




40 Summary Problem Statement Solution – PMO Results – Critical Success Factors Next Steps

41 The Value of a Project Management Office

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