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How to make this Jeopardy game work for your topic  Set up your teams and have them sit together.  Explain the ground rules  Assign a score keeper.

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2 How to make this Jeopardy game work for your topic  Set up your teams and have them sit together.  Explain the ground rules  Assign a score keeper who will watch to see which team raises their hand first for each question and they will also keep track of what team wins what on the board or flip chart.  When you’re ready to play the game, open that presentation and then hit F5 to put it into the “SHOW mode.

3 JEOPARDY GROUND RULES  Raise your hand when you want to answer. I will call upon the first hand I see raised. You get five seconds to answer.  You get one answer; you cannot change or modify it after you have given it.  If the first team to answer gets it wrong, they get that score deducted from their total and then the second team that raised their hand gets a chance to answer.

4 JEOPARDY GROUND RULES  One of the questions will read “DOUBLE JEOPARDY”. This just means that this question is worth twice what it is listed for.  When all questions are complete you are ready to play “Final jeopardy”. Before you see the question each team must write down how much you want to wager.  After the question is shown, write down your answer. You cannot change your wager $$ after you see the question.  When the music stops each team reveals what their wager was and their answer.

5 This JEOPARDY “template” was created by Tim Reicker, New York State Emergency Management Office, and made available by the Dutchess County Community College Fire Science program. This game prepared by Past Chief Thomas Bartsch, Valley Stream Fire Department. All material was taken from the “Firefighter’s Handbook, Essentials of Firefighting and Emergency Response, New York 2 nd Edition”.

6 ANY QUESTIONS???? No? Then let’s play “Firefighter Alphabet” JEOPARDY

7 “Firefighter Alphabet” JEOPARDY

8 $100 Letter "A"Letter "B"Letter "C"Letter "D"Letter "E" $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Final Jeopardy “Firefighter Alphabet” JEOPARDY!!!

9 A malicious fire set intentionally. What is Arson. Letter "A" - $100

10 The result of a series of events and conditions that lead to an unsafe situation. What is an Accident. Letter "A" - $200

11 Device used to change one type of hose threads to another, allowing the connection of two different lines.. What is an Adapter. Letter "A" - $300

12 A condition that causes death due to lack of oxygen and an excessive amount of carbon monoxide. What is Asphyxiation. Letter "A" - $400

13 What is Axial Load A load passing through the center of the mass of the supporting element, perpendicular to it’s cross section. Letter "A" - $500

14 A style of wood frame construction in which the studs are continuous for the full height of a building What is Balloon Frame. Letter "B" - $100

15 A sudden, violent re-ignition of the contents that has consumed the oxygen within the space.. What is a Backdraft. Letter "B" - $200

16 Describes the rupture of a container when a confined liquid boils and creates vapor pressure. What is a BLEVE Letter "B" - $300


18 A doubled section of rope usually made along the standing part, that forms a U- turn in the rope. What is a Bight Letter "B" - $400

19 Chemicals that affect the body’s ability to use oxygen. What are Blood Agents Letter "B" - $500

20 A colorless, odorless, poisonous gas that when inhaled combines with red blood cells. What is Carbon Monoxide Letter "C" - $100

21 The top and bottom components of a truss. What is a Chord. Letter "C" - $200

22 The designation of a term that is the same throughout an ICS. What is Common Terminology Letter "C" - $300

23 The use of various dimensions of lumber arranged in systematic stacks What is Cribbing Letter "C" - $400

24 A formal gathering of incident responders to help defuse and address stress. What is Critical Incident Debriefing Letter "C" - $500

25 The pumping of water from a static source by taking advantage of atmospheric pressure to force water into the pump. What is Drafting Letter "D" - $100

26 Command designation responsible for operations within a assigned geographic area. What is a Division Letter "D" - $200

27 A calculated attack on part of a problem or situation in an effort to hold ground. What is a Defensive Attack Letter "D" - $300

28 Designed to protect areas that may have a fast-spreading fire engulfing the entire area. What is a Deluge Sprinkler System. Letter "D" - $400

29 The weight of the building materials and any of the building permanently attached or built-in. What is Dead Load. Letter "D" - $500

30 A device that siphons a liquid from a container into a moving stream. What is an Eductor. Letter "E" - $100

31 Book provided by the DOT that assists in transportation chemical incidents. What is the Emergency Response Guide. Letter "E" - $200

32 A concentration of a gas or liquid that is not too rich or too lean to ignite with force.. What is Explosive Limits Letter "E" - $300

33 Letter "E" - $400 A chemical reaction that releases heat. What is Exothermic Reaction.

34 A form of hazard that includes biological, viral, and other disease causing materials. What is Etiological. Letter "E" - $500

35 FINAL JEOPARDY The blunt ending of the threads of fire hose couplings. ~ Fire Hose ~

36 Final Jeopardy Bonus? What is a Higbee Cut.

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