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Land Use Strategy Rural Development Council 1 February 2010.

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1 Land Use Strategy Rural Development Council 1 February 2010

2 Rural Directorate Landscapes and Habitats Division Land Use Strategy Team

3 Background Rural Land Use Study Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009

4 Rural Land Use Study Established 2008 Integrated evidence base – three major research projects Reported November 2009 – Rural Land Use Summit

5 Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 Section 57 (1) The Scottish Ministers must, no later than 31 March 2011, lay a land use strategy before the Scottish Parliament.

6 Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 The strategy must, in particular, set out— (a) the Scottish Ministers' objectives in relation to sustainable land use; (b) their proposals and policies for meeting those objectives; and (c) the timescales over which those proposals and policies are expected to take effect.

7 Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 The Strategy must also contribute to Emissions reduction targets Ministers’ objectives in relation to climate change adaptation Sustainable development

8 Scope Rural Land or all land? Interface with the planning system and NPF2 Sustainable land use/climate change Timeframe – 2020/2050

9 Project Structure Cab. Sec. for Environment and Rural Affairs Steering Group: Director-level SG family representatives Project Board: Workstream leads Key SG representatives Project Team Workstreams Natural Capital Land Based Industries People, Culture, Communities Development Planning Communications Stakeholders Early spring regional events Submissions Web forum Consultation in autumn SEA consultation process Parliament

10 Steering Group Membership Chair – Peter Russell, Director, Rural –SG Environment –SG Rural –SG Built Environment –SG RERAD –Scottish Enterprise –Forestry Commission Scotland –SEPA –Historic Scotland –SNH

11 Workstreams Natural Capital (biodiversity, landscape, ecosystem services, landscape, water, soils, land capability); Land Based Industries (agriculture, forestry, energy, minerals, waste, defence);

12 Workstreams People, Culture and Communities (culture, access, recreation, crofting, historic environment assets, tourism, communities); Development Planning (urbanisation, physical development, transport, infrastructure, interface with development planning system)

13 Work Programme Phase 1 (Nov - Feb 2010) –Identify key policy issues, conflicts, complementarities, competing demand for land and likely land use tensions –Consider policy responses to these issues in the period to 2020 and 2050.

14 Work Programme Phase 2 (Feb – April 2010) –Analysis of workstream outputs –Regional stakeholder workshops –Analysis and synthesis of workshop outputs.

15 Work Programme Phase 3 (May/June 2010) –Prepare consultation draft strategy –Cabinet process for consultation draft Phase 4 (July – December 2010) –Prepare and undertake statutory public consultation. –Analysis of responses.

16 Work Programme Phase 5 (Jan – March 2011) –Parliamentary processes and laying of strategy before Parliament by March 2011 Post March 2011 –Statutory requirement to review at 5 yearly intervals

17 Rural Framework and Relationship to the Land Use Strategy RF will focus on: Economic and social sustainability in rural Scotland Advice to Ministers on how to maximise the contribution of rural Scotland to the Scottish Government's overall purpose of sustainable economic growth

18 Rural Framework and Relationship to the Land Use Strategy Improving the quality of life and maximising economic development in rural communities Increased community empowerment and better use of resources

19 Rural Framework and Relationship to the Land Use Strategy The Land Use Strategy will Set the long term vision for land use in Scotland with time horizons of 2020 and 2050 Establish the broad principles from which decisions about land use will flow Provide a stable sustainable land use environment within which the objectives of the Rural Framework can be realised

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