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Paper 1 Section A Reading Non-Fiction & Media AO2(iii) – Following the writer’s argument.

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1 Paper 1 Section A Reading Non-Fiction & Media AO2(iii) – Following the writer’s argument

2 Assessment Objective AO2(iii) - Follow an argument Identify the writer’s overall view Identify the different points made by the writer that support this Explain these points and what the writer is saying

3 Example of Questions What does Fay Weldon recommend as the best way to sell chocolate bars? What are the main points of Tony Allan’s argument about the world’s water shortages? Explain the key points made in this item.

4 Framework for Reading 1. Read the questions 2. Read the text 3. Work out the PAFT and main view 4. Identify the main points made by the writer – number these in order of importance 5. Plan your response

5 Advice Decide what the writer is trying to say to you – their overall message Identify the different points that are made. Look at the use of topic sentences / paragraphs Explain what is meant by the writer and what they are trying to say

6 Model question Explain the main points made by the writer in this article (6 marks) 6 marks = 12 minutes Identify the main view Identify the points that support this Explain these ideas in your own words

7 PAFT Purpose Audience Form Tone PURPOSE: what job is the writer trying to do? Argue Inform Analyse Imagine Persuade Explain Review Explore Advise Describe Comment Entertain FORM: type of writing Leaflet Article Web page Story Letter Email Speech Essay Report Advert TONE: what is the mood of the writing? How are we addressed? Enthusiastic Angry Questioning Objective Passionate Frustrated Doubtful Subjective Hopeful Pessimistic Suspicious Neutral Optimistic Sad Sarcastic Cynical HumorousAnnoyed Ironic Knowledgea ble AUDIENCE: the reader Children Experts Teenagers Fans Parents Men Pensioners Women Workers Adults Age Interests Lifestyle Gender Education Class Job Hobbies Politics

8 Planning Main view: Point (Select an idea) EvidenceExplain (Your interpretation)

9 Assessment criteria – AO2iii Band 1 (F/G) Little detail / unfocused Band 2 (D/E) General, descriptive answer / spots obvious points Band 3 (B/C) Selects and comments on range points Structured response Band 4 (A/A*) Detailed understanding of ideas Ideas fully absorbed and shaped into an answer

10 Exemplar answer – full marks! What reasons are put forward for visiting Antarctica with Trailfinders? (6 marks) Read the advert for Trailfinders. Read the following answer and work out why it was awarded full marks


12 Exemplar answer – 1 As the article aims to influence others to visit the Antarctic with Trailfinders, many reasons are put forward. Firstly the subheading ‘Over 30 years’ of experience of booking adventure travel worldwide’ suggests that this company is the most qualified for organising the trip. It suggests that from experience the company will know the best areas and most successful ways of carrying out the trip. Connectives show structure Clear focus on task and purpose of text Integrated reference Use of analytical markers Detailed analysis of the point made = full understanding / conceptualised

13 Exemplar answer – 2 Secondly, the article gives the impression that Trailfinders is a versatile company. It suits ‘every budget, every timescale and every country…’ giving the impression that whatever the specification for the desired country this company can match it. Also when planning they will happily assist you in ‘deciding on the trip that suits you’, therefore implying that they will offer any advice needed in the planning of the trip. Structured answer = material is shaped Interprets message = material is absorbed Integrated references Additional explanations = full understanding

14 Exemplar answer – 3 Finally, Item 1 gives the impression that booking with Travelfinders will make planning the holiday relaxed and camping at the activity enjoyable. For example, the article promises the company will ‘book you on the best value flights’, ‘arrange…travel insurance’ and ‘make any additional hotel arrangements.’ In short, this company will do the majority of the planning whilst finding the best value for money. Overall, the main reason for visiting the ‘breathtakingly beautiful place’ with Travelfinders is that it will be carefree, but up to a professional and affordable standard. Three clear points made and explored = material fully shaped and absorbed Summative comments round off answer and show a conceptual response

15 Key points Full understanding of the points made Ideas are fully absorbed and then shaped into an answer i.e. coherent analysis of selected points References are integrated into the argument i.e. quotations are worked into sentences Detailed and conceptualised i.e. gives the three best points, evaluating what is said, and offering your own ideas about the topic

16 Try and Apply Use your plan to write your own explanation of the points made by the writer Aim to meet the highest grade criteria Assess your answer against the criteria

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