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Source One Network Solutions with Corporate Headquarters based in Fitchburg, Wisconsin specializes in providing multi- location clients, with nationwide.

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1 Source One Network Solutions with Corporate Headquarters based in Fitchburg, Wisconsin specializes in providing multi- location clients, with nationwide field services and support. Developing “OUTSIDE THE BOX” strategies and concepts to better control cost and enhance “on time completion rates” and much, much more! Our strategies are based on years of multi-facet field services, project management, software development and technology expertise. Thinking out of the box has become a normal way of life for us. Our concepts include setting clearly define procedures and process, and then developing custom software to drive the project results. Our ability to develop and integrate the custom software is second to none through our Joshua Project Management template From construction work to sensitive IT components, service on demand to nation-wide roll-outs and re-branding. Source One has the resources, talent, dedication and creative thinking to make your next project a success ! Overview

2 Construction Environment

3 In the fast moving pace of the construction environment, where controlling inventory, resources, changes and schedules becomes a difficult task. Source One has created a proactive software environment that allows project communication worldwide instantaneously! Project tasks by trade are defined to the smallest detail, while inventory and trade “skill set” requirements are determined well in advance to drive the day to day of any project. Accountability is well defined and measurable on a daily bases. The ability to react to issues is immediate. Construction Environment

4 Coupling the best in the industry “project management team and custom software development” provides our clients with the most powerful set of tools ever created in the construction industry. Our Project management team’s focus is in a proactive mode defining each step of the project requirements and time line. Our project plans are defined prior to bidding the project, allowing us to analyze all requirements. From dependencies to required trades, to tasked skill sets, even weekly material requirements are controlled thus preventing project down time and lost inventory. This process allows our project management team to drive all projects, day to day seamlessly to completion. Our client’s reap the rewards of cost savings and shorter completion time frames. Construction Project Management:

5 Pick a trade, any trade, Source One has the staff available to you. Our highly regarded recruitment team focuses on providing our project teams and clients with the best in industry staffing. All of our recruiter’s have the expertise to interview and screen the right personnel for the job required. Source One has developed a state of the art recruitment software module which includes on line testing, background checks and reference notification. Our quick response to meeting our customers’ needs makes Source One a leader in recruiting. Field Recruitment Resources

6 Building the facility is one thing, maintaining it is another! Source One understands the difference and has developed customized programs to meet each clients’ special needs. From fixed yearly pricing and dedicated staff to T&M programs. Source One in conjunction with our client’s maintenance staff to design and develop custom software to drive the anticipated results. Detailed reports and “thinking out side the box” assist in creating cost saving plans and implementation programs. 24/7 Emergency Repair Service Ballast Replacement Carpentry Repairs Carpet/Tile Repairs & Replacement Ceiling Repairs Construction Clean-Up Electrical Repairs Maintenance Floor Maintenance Gate/Grille Repairs Glass Replacement HVAC Lock and Door Repairs Multi-Location Project Roll-Outs Painting/Wallpapering Remodels/Alterations Pre-Opening/Closing Clean-Up Plumbing Repairs Security Services Sign/Neon Repairs Store Front Repairs/ Replacements Violation Correction List of services include: Facilities Maintains Programs

7 24/7/365 All calls always answered by a Source One employee – Our “ON DEMAND SERVICE AND SUPPORT CENTER” is here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Accessible by phone, fax, e-mail or the Web, our Call Center uses our Joshua web support technology allowing even store mangers via the web to dispatch the assigned dedicated service technician with immediate response. Our agents work vigorously to ensure prompt dispatch, efficient management and follow up of Service Requests, and constant communication with our service staff, your stores, and your corporate support staff. The Call Center is manned around the clock by experienced agents. In addition to dispatching service requests, our agents also communicate with Store personnel to ensure everything possible is done to minimize disruption to the store operation, and prevent unnecessary dispatches. Our service reporting is state of the art providing any type of reports you may require! Facilities Service & Support on Demand

8 You spend millions of dollars on construction materials not really knowing where it’ll end up, not anymore! Using our “Joshua Project Management Software” in conjunction with our state of the art warehousing skills now allows our clients to purchase materials in bulk and disperse them from a central location allowing cost savings. Source One can control all your purchases and deliver just in time to any job site “determined by the project management team”. Once the project and inventory is set-up in our project management software, received in our warehouse then, Joshua takes over. Delivering defined daily pick reports and staging reports in real time to the warehouse allowing the warehouse staff to pick stage and ship all appropriate items to the right site for an on time delivery. Reports provide detail information of all items from purchasing to delivery, as well as custom reports when required. Product & Inventory Consolidation

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