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What the students have to say about AVID!

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1 What the students have to say about AVID!

2 What does AVID mean to you?
“The dictionary definition of avid is showing great enthusiasm for, or interest in. And this is exactly what AVID is, it’s a group of students that are interested in getting into a great college by starting now in high school.” 9th grader PHUHS “It is a class for people who can go farther than what others can. They are people who have a goal, and motivation to get where they want to go.” 10th grader PHUHS “In my opinion AVID is a good system and anyone who doesn’t take advantage of it is not very smart.” 10th grader PHUHS

3 What does AVID mean to you?
“AVID…..”It makes me feel so special to be in the AVID class, because not everyone can be in it.” 9th grader PHUHS “AVID to me it isn’t just a class, it’s a privilege.” 10th grader PHUHS “When I first joined the class I honestly had no idea what it was, or what we were going to do. AVID has taught me many things. I have been able to keep up my grades and maintain a 3.0 or higher.” 10th grader PHUHS

4 What does AVID mean to you?
“I think it’s an amazing opportunity to be in AVID and I’m really thankful for it.” 10th grader PHUHS “Ever since I have been in AVID I have been more aware of my grades, and the strategies I have been using in school.” 10th grader PHUHS “To me AVID means getting good grades and taking honor level classes. AVID is helping me become prepared for college, and how to apply for them.” 10th grade PHUHS

5 What does AVID mean to you?
“AVID has taught me me self-determination, teamwork, and most importantly, responsibility as a young adult in a very large world.” 10th grader PHUHS “I didn’t really care about college, because I didn’t see a need for it. But when I got invited to the AVID program, it really opened my eyes to a life I could have if I do well in school.” 10th grader PHUHS “I feel like we are a family because we will be together until we graduate.” 10th grader PHUHS

6 What does AVID mean to you?
“AVID is special because it makes me want to work harder and do better in school.” 10th grader PHUHS “AVID is my favorite class. It is the class I look forward to.” 9th grader PHUHS “AVID is more than a class to me. It’s a way to my future, my way to a better education.” 9th grader PHUHS AVID is the 1st step toward my goals. Even though I have a looooong way to go. I’m on the right path.” 10th grader PUHS.

7 What does AVID mean to you?
“All of my classes have been affected by AVID and I am glad they are.” 10th grader PHUHS “I am very grateful for this class and hope to learn everything it has to offer.” 10th grader PHUHS “Without AVID I would probably not be getting as good of grades as I am now.” 10th grade PHUHS “I’ve learned more about improving my grades in this one class then I ever have.” 10th grader PHUHS

8 What does AVID mean to you?
“Being in AVID makes me feel like a successful student who will succeed in their future.” 9th grader PHUHS “Without AVID I wouldn’t care as much about school like I did last year. I like school more now.” 10th grader PHUHS “I love everything about AVID!” 10th grader PHUHS “I’ve learned personal lessons too, like let go of drama and focus on my future. This class helped be make the biggest decision of my life – Early College!” 10th grader PHUHS

9 What does AVID mean to you?
“Before AVID, I was very unorganized and didn’t know how to be prepared. I never knew anything about how important grades and GPA are towards my future.” 10th grader PHUHS “It makes me feel supported and my classmates are like my family.” 10th grader PHUHS “AVID is a class that will help me achieve my goals and dreams.” 10th grader PHUHS

10 WICR: Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, and Reading
“WICR and AVID have been 2 of the most important resources that I use in school.” 10th grader PHUHS “WICR has helped me to achieve great things. One of these is my notes!” 10th grader PHUHS Writing “WICR can be very helpful in all of your classes, because at some point you’re going to have to write something for a class…even math.” 10th grader PHUHS

11 Impact on other classes
“I have become more engaged in class discussions and even simply answering questions.” 10th grader PHUHS “Before AVID I was embarrassed and ashamed if I didn’t understand something, but this year I have learned that I can talk to teachers. Now that I have a closer relationship with my teachers I understand the material better.” 10th grader PHUHS “AVID is the most important class I have. It’s the only class that helps me in all of my other subjects.” 10th grader PHUHS

12 Impact on other classes
“AVID really put me on the right track to pay attention to my grades and not mess up my beginning years in high school. They count the most after all!” 9th grader PHUHS “The practicing before the PSAT was very helpful to me.” 9th grader PHUHS “I have become more organized by my gigantic binder; even though it’s a pain...,it’s useful because I have all my school work.” 10th grader PHUHS

13 Impact on other classes
“I’ve learned how to talk to teachers and that is important because I have an IEP.” 10th grader PHUHS “In AVID I have learned to ‘think like a teacher’. When I get ready for a test I write level 2 and 3 questions to study.” 10th grader PHUHS “I have learned to use my time wisely and to take advantage of my day, and to have more fun.” 10th grader PHUHS “AVID has taught me time management. I play two sports, so I really need to have a good grasp on my time.” 10th grader PHUHS

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