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Design a space Drawing of a Bungalow. Table of contents Design brief Client profile Existing space Design specifications Criteria to evaluate success.

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1 Design a space Drawing of a Bungalow

2 Table of contents Design brief Client profile Existing space Design specifications Criteria to evaluate success Gantt chart Waiting on Copyright clearance

3 Design brief In this unit of work, we are required to explore an environment that we are familiar with. The reason that we are required to explore an environment familiar to us is because we have to suggest changes and improvements to the space. We will be experimenting with sketches, plans and we will be making a 3D scale model which represents a space for recreational purposes and in response to the needs and wants of a designated client, as part of our practical unit. Along with the way we will be creating concept boards and participating in experiments with different types of material. Also in this unit we will be given assessment tasks and assignments. The space that I will be re-designing is my bedroom, my client is my mother. She knows what I want and she also knows the needs for a relaxed workplace for a teenage girl. The reason why I am re- designing my bedroom is because my bedroom hasn’t been painted, or had any real attempts into making it aesthetically pleasing. I will be completely re-designing. The colours that I have in my room at the moment are old and I no longer like the colour. I will also be enlarging my bedroom, I will do this by knocking down a wall. Waiting on Copyright clearance

4 Client profile Name: Age: 50 Occupation: Full time employment Budget: $20,000 Wants: Wants to re-design a bedroom, make it nice and modern, to suit the interior fashion at the moment. Wants teenage daughter to be happy with her new designed room Wants some input from the daughter She also wants the room to match the rest of the house She wants to create the look of weatherboard cottages with blue and white, as the main colours. Needs: To have all different and new furnishings in the bedroom Needs to be enlarged Needs to be convenient for teenage girl, to work and relax in. Waiting on Copyright clearance

5 Existing space Waiting for Copyright clearance

6 Design Specifications: Considerations: Some aspects of my design that must be thought about or considered are the factors of what walls are able to be pulled down and what walls are a support system to the rest of the house. Other factors that I have to think about are the size and proportion of the furniture that is going in the room, if you have furnishings that are out of proportion then it will make the room seem a lot smaller than it actually is. This also works the other way round as well, if furniture is too small then it will be hard to use. Constraints: Some other aspects of my design that can not be changed or have boundaries or limitations include I can’t increase boundaries to the land, if I was to re-design a garden I could not extend the size of the yard. I have to get the local Council approval to enlarge or reconstruct any of the house. If I do not get approval then you may get into a lot of trouble with the law. You can’t be reconstructing the house at night, this would be inappropriate so you would be using the time carefully during the day. You can't be using excess water during the water restrictions. Opportunities: The space is being re-designed to suit the needs and wants of the user. More use Of this room will occur when the user is pleased with the room. So the more appealing you make the room to the user the room will always be used. There are also personal opportunities. You can gain new skills, and techniques, and get abetter awareness of the environmental issues, this may include using environmentally safe products as opposed to products that are harmful to the environment. Waiting for Copyright clearance

7 Criteria to evaluate success For my model to be successful it must: I will test this by:Analysis at end: Function:To enlarge a bedroom, and make it a suitable workplace for a teenage girl. As well as making it fun. Watch people interact with the space, ask people what they think. And talk to the client. Aesthetics:To have a bedroom, that is modern, and meets the standards of a teenage girl. All furnishings need to be modern and comfortable. Meet clients needs and wants. I will conduct a survey, and I will research what furnishings, paints. I also want the room to be bright so I will have to research what direction the windows should face. SafetyI have to knock walls down, pull wardrobes out, so I have to make sure all safety precautions are followed by all work people. Legislation and copy right. By having a safety checklist, and that everyone working there is suitable and classified. Regularly check upon safety procedures. Cost:I have been given a budget of $20, 000, with this I want to enlarge, and re- design, also have to pay all the work men as well. I will investigate costs of all furnishings and reconstruction costs. I also have to find appropriately priced furnishings for the price range that I am in.

8 Criteria to evaluate success (continued) Durability:The room is going to be used a lot, and for all different reasons. All the furnishings have to be durable, they may also need to have an appropriate warranty. Last fro intended time period. Experiments with different materials. Ask people that had used the same space some questions and get feedback from them. Obsolesces:It must be designed to last the intended time period. I must look until I find something that will be durable. And will last. Compare it to other designers. Ask people if the design is timeless, or how long will it be in fashion for. Ergonomics:Human factors, doorways, windows have to be the appropriate size. Consider the way humans interact with the furnishings. A scale model, physically move the scale people around the space to see if the design works, and what doesn’t work. Trends:It has to meet certain standards of a teenage girl. Suitable for the age group, cant be too young for her. Or something that she will grow out of. Need a design that is timeless. Look through magazines, internet and books on interior design for the latest interior design trends and ‘must haves’. Quality:For the money that we paid for the re- design, the work men and the furnishings, all of it has to meet a level in quality. Ask people in the industry, and do my own research on materials.

9 Criteria to evaluate success (continued) Environment:Suitable for environment, and environmentally friendly materials Research on materials, products and techniques. Also research the harmful factors that with harm the environment. Space and size: Consider the real space of the space your re- designing. Proportions, the space influences the furniture. Measure and be aware of the actual size of the rooms, don’t by furnishings that will be out of proportion with the room or may not fit.

10 Gantt chart Weeks 123 4 56 78 91011121314 The project Idea development Research Production Evaluation Proposed Gantt chart Proposed and actual time plan (Term 2) Actual

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