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Low Power WiFi By: Matt Biason CS441. Why WiFi?

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1 Low Power WiFi By: Matt Biason CS441

2 Why WiFi?

3 WiFi Advantages: o Descent range o High data rate o Good security o Direct IP Connectivity Disadvantages: o High power consumption o Large use of resources

4 What is Low Power WiFi? WiFi is not know for its low power consumption. Not a concern if device is powered by an AC outlet. What about battery powered electronics that have limited battery life? Low Power WiFi refers to a module with a much lower power consumption than a conventional WiFi device.

5 Applications PAN(Personal Area Network) o Wireless Mouse o Wireless Headsets Mobile Phones Portable Media Players Handheld Gaming Systems Digital Cameras VoIP(Voice over IP) What do all of these have in common? – They run on battery power.

6 Voice over IP Growth in corporate use o Unifies communication such as phone calls, faxes, voice mail, e-mail, Web conferences, etc. o Has the ability to transmit more than one telephone call over a single broadband connection. o No need for multiple phone lines o No phone bills Restrictions o Data loss o Latency with high traffic networks o DHCP sometimes makes it hard to locate IP for emergency phone calls

7 Conclusion Advantages of Low Power WiFi? o Increase batter life between charges o Higher transfer rates for portable devices o Energy efficient wireless devices

8 Questions?

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