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Classification station

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1 Classification station
Jay P. Classification station

2 Computer Input An input- whatever is typed, submitted, or transmitted to a computer system.

3 Computer Output An output- the result produced by a computer.

4 Application Software Application software- a set of computer programs that helps a person carry out a task.

5 System Software System software- to help the computer monitor itself to work efficiently.

6 Computer Classification
Personal computer- microprocessor- based computing device designed to meet the computer needs of an individual.

7 Computer Classification
Workstation- an ordinary personal computer that is hooked to a network. Also a powerful desktop computer used for high- performance tasks.

8 Computer Classification
Videogame console- similar to a personal computer but it can be used to play games.

9 Computer Classification
Server- to serve computers on a network by supplying them with data.

10 Computer Classification
Client- any software or digital device, such as a computer, that requests data from a server.

11 Computer Classification
Mainframe computer- large and expensive computer capable of simultaneously processing data for hundreds and thousands of users.

12 Computer Classification
Supercomputer- one of the fastest computers in the world.

13 Computer Classification
Handheld computer- a PDA enhanced with features such as removable storage, , Web access, voice communication, built in camera, and GPS.

14 Computer Classification
PDA- a pocket- sized digital appointment book with a small qwerty keyboard or a touch- sensitive screen.

15 Computer Classification
Smart Phone- a cell phone that includes voice communication, keyboard, text messaging, , web access, and much more.

16 Computer Classification
Portable Media Player- a device that can store music, videos, and photos that is portable.

17 Computer Classification
Microcontroller- special- purpose microprocessor that is built into the machine it controls.

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