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Advising for the Majors of. Dean David Urban You will have a faculty advisor assigned to you! You will see their names listed in your PipelineMT/RaiderNet.

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1 Advising for the Majors of

2 Dean David Urban

3 You will have a faculty advisor assigned to you! You will see their names listed in your PipelineMT/RaiderNet account. You also ALWAYS have us: Academic Advisors for Jones College Undergraduates BAS North Side N219 Academic Advising

4 BBA Degrees Accounting Business Administration Economics Entrepreneurship Finance: Business Financial Institution MGMT Insurance Real Estate Information Systems Management Marketing

5 Other Programs BS Degrees Economics Business Education – Teaching – Non-Teaching – Non-Teaching Training & Development Graduate Degrees MBA MBE MS Information Systems MS Management MAcc MA and PhD in Economics

6 Volunteers We need 2 volunteers to help us play a True/False game **************************** How to Play: Each player will have a sign with “True” on one side and “False” on the other. When an advisor reads the statement, display your response to the audience. Audience members play along on your game sheet.

7 TRUE OR FALSE? The Jones College of Business at MTSU is AACSB accredited.


9 The Jones College of Business is accredited by AACSB International– the premier accrediting body for colleges of business worldwide. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is restricted to students of high scholarship in AACSB accredited institutions.

10 True or False? There are five academic departments in the Jones College of Business.

11 TRUE Accounting, Business Communication and Entrepreneurship, Computer Information Systems, Economics and Finance, Management and Marketing

12 All five departments are located on the North side of the Business and Aerospace Building. Departmental and faculty offices are located on the North side while all business courses are taught on the South side. Each department houses one or more business majors and is managed by someone called “The Chair”.

13 True or False? Computer Information Systems and Computer Science are the same major.


15 CIS is a major in the Jones College of Business and CS is a major in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences Computer Information Systems addresses business applications of the computer while Computer Science involves advanced programming

16 True or False? The most popular major in the Jones College of Business is Marketing.


18 Currently the most popular major is Accounting, followed by Business Administration and Information Systems

19 Undergraduate Majors: Accounting Business Administration Business Education Economics Entrepreneurship Finance-Business Finance-Financial Institution Management Finance-Insurance Finance-Real Estate Information Systems Management Marketing

20 True or False? Juniors and Seniors take “Upper Division” courses.


22 General Education Business Core Major & Minor Graduation! Course Sequence Freshmen/Sophomore Sophomore/Junior Junior/Senior

23 In general Freshmen and Sophomores take Lower Division courses (1000-2000) while Juniors and Seniors may take both Lower and Upper Division courses (3000-4000). Prerequisites must be met. Major Courses, Senior Year - UD Business Core, Junior Year - UD General Education, First Two Years - LD

24 True or False? Students are automatically accepted into the Jones College of Business upon acceptance to MTSU.



27 Admission into Jones College To take the junior and senior courses in your major, you must meet the Admission Policy and fill out an application 2.25 GPA 30 hrs 2.25 overall Macro & Micro Econ ACTG 2110 Statistics 1 Apply 2.25 pre-business GPA

28 True or False? Students must meet with an advisor prior to registering for the spring 2015 semester.


30 It’s Time means that an important time or event is approaching such as advising, priority registration, or fee payment deadline. Students will have an advising HOLD on their accounts. Faculty advisors will be assigned at the beginning of the fall semester. In the meantime, students should contact an advisor in our Jones College of Business Advising Center.

31 True or False? Lack of class attendance can cause students to owe Financial Aid and/or lose scholarship dollars.


33 MTSU uses a grade of “FA” to identify students who fail a class and also stop attending class. If you fail class(es) and also stop attending class(es), you may be required to pay back financial aid and/or lose future eligibility for financial aid (including Lottery Scholarships and federal student loans). #GoToClass

34 True or False? MTSU faculty, staff and administrators will only use a student’s MTSU email address for email correspondence.


36 All email correspondence will only be sent to a student’s MTSU email. Academic Progress Reports, Probation/Suspension, Registration, Graduation information will be sent to this account.

37 True or False? Academic Advisors and Enrollment Counselors perform the same functions.


39 Academic Advisor: Located in the Jones College advising center; faculty advisor offices Assists with course selection & progression towards graduation in your chosen major Provides internship and career information Enrollment Counselor: Located at the MT One Stop (2 nd floor, SSAC) Helps with Financial Aid, Records and Transcripts, Registration and Scheduling and Student Accounts

40 True or False? The MTSU mascot’s name is Pegasus Pete.


42 Our mascot’s name is Lightning!

43 And the winner is....

44 Parents—before you are dismissed: “What will our students be doing after we leave?” Going over course recommendations for the semester Receiving scheduling suggestions Meeting with faculty advisors from major department Building a schedule “How can I help my student?” Good resources include: MTSU Registration Guide MTSU Undergraduate Catalog Jones College of Business Handbook Jones College of Business Advising website MTSU Tutoring website Note: Jones College advisors will be attending the parent breakfast in the morning to answer questions that may arise overnight.

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