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Cargo Essence The Gsa of the south to provide an extensive regional GSA solution.

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1 Cargo Essence The Gsa of the south to provide an extensive regional GSA solution.

2 Cargo Essence Claudio Silva, a Chilean businessman and naturalized American, has 29 years experience in the Air Cargo Industry occupying several positions at Fast Air and later Lan Airlines, where he served as Cargo Commercial Vice President for North America and Asia, since 1994. Claudio was instrumental in the exponential growth of the company in the region with sales that reached over $600 million annually. Claudio has worked in different cities and countries during his time with Lan which contributed to its multicultural character. Also during these years, he had the opportunity to build business relationships at various levels in the forwarders and airline companies in the region. With both commercial and operational air cargo experience, Claudio Silva is an executive entrepreneur with vast experience opening new markets and developing new products. Along with his past experience in Revenue Management, he is always looking for quality and efficiency in the commercialization process. At Cargo Essence we rely on highly committed and qualified personnel with many years of experience in the industry. Accountability and honesty in all our years in the industry guarantee that our service is always performed consistent with our mission and in a timely, efficient and comprehensive manner! Who we are

3 48,000 sq. ft. Warehouse 1,800 Pallet positions 7 lading docs Capability to process 10,000 shipments daily. Miami Hub Infrastructure

4 Houston Commercial Office 30,000 square feet of warehouse, handle by Cas 2,200 square feet of Office space 5 receiving doors Monday trough Saturday Trucking contracts in place to Jfk and Mia 6 people in the sales team with local experience

5 To be recognized as the best airline GSA of the Americas, with a profound knowledge of the markets, and strategic relations of the highest levels with Forwarders and Airlines, that will allow us the development of sales and customer relations, to maximize not only the revenues, but also the prestige of the airlines that we represent. Vision

6 Coverage North America Miami, Houston and Seattle Could open offices as per client request if market size permits Latin-America Offices in Panama Could open offices as per client request if market size is relevant Strong interlines agreements with Key carriers of the Region (LAN Group) to facilitate off line sales. Core Competency

7 Sales and Marketing Personal Involvement in the Business of the Partner. Experienced team with diverse background in operations and sales in different airlines in the Region. Specialized Know How in Oil and Gas customer portfolio, with experienced local sales staff in Houston that allow us to maximize sales. Targeted sales strategy assuring extensive coverage to an established client base across the region. A comprehensive marketing plan to continually promote and raise awareness of the airline. Maximize revenue through analytical process of market prices and capacity in the region. Core Competency

8 Operations and Administration Financial strength of the Partner. Facilities in Miami and Houston that provide the possibility of additional Services. Efficiency in cost of Sales providing you the best Sales team at a variable cost. Punctual and accurate payments on the agreed dates. Regular financial reporting to the airline. Up to date use of technology and communication tools. IT department is based on LIM and has high levels of expertise and performance. Core Competency

9 Resources: HR & Location in North America Own Local Office Sub Gsa Mia -Owner Houston -4 Sales Representative -2 Customer Service Atlanta -1 Sales Representative -1 Customer Service Chicago -1 Sales Representative -1 Customer Service West - 2 Sales Representative Panama -3 Sales Representative -1 Customer Service

10 Who we do represent ? Latam Airlines Group, (Lan Cargo, Mas Air, Absa) the leading Carrier with the most extensive network into/from Latin-America. Leader Jet, The Specialist Carrier to Venezuela.

11 CARGO BUSINESS Cargo Essence GSA for North/Central America

12 General Proposal Conclusions One contract with a regional representation Represented by a well known group of cargo people locally and globally Extensive coverage with personal presence in the main origins of sales On time sales reports due to our IT resources and systems Alignment with airline commercial strategy Focus on quality of Sales based on our Revenue Management skills, accountability and costumer service orientation Financial strength of the company No conflict of interest Competitive compensation


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