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Writing an Objective Summary

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1 Writing an Objective Summary
Introductory Unit: What Lies Ahead?

2 Writing an Objective Summary
Writing an objective summary involves recording the main ideas of a text while showing your understanding of the topic. Objective means: No opinions No reactions No personal connections Just the facts!

3 What is an objective summary?
A good objective summary: Focuses on the main idea and only the details that support it Brief Accurate Objective

4 What to Avoid in an Objective Summary
Do not copy any part of the original source. Is not long and detailed Does not include any opinions or reactions

5 What should a complete paragraph include?
At least five sentences: Main Idea sentence Most important idea of original source Three supporting detail sentences Three details that relate to and support the main idea Concluding sentence A summarizing sentence

6 Your turn: You will watch the first half of “Mowgli’s Brothers” by Rudyard Kipling Then, you will write a five sentence paragraph summarizing what you watched. Make sure you do not include opinions or reactions.

7 Now what? Turn to page lxi in the Prentice Hall Literature book.
Read the example and notes. Now, makes similar notes on your own summary. Last, swap papers with someone sitting near you and have them read your summary and make notes.

8 Now, let’s do the second half…
Watch the second half of “Mowgli’s Brothers”. Write a five sentence paragraph of the second half, following all the guidelines for an Objective Summary.

9 Keep this activity with notes and paragraphs in the Writing section of your notebook.
Label the assignment “Objective Summary Notes and Practice”

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