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Parts and Functions of a DSLR Camera

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1 Parts and Functions of a DSLR Camera
Photography 101 by Justine Agaloos

2 DSLR Camera DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. The reflex design is the primary difference between a DSLR and point and shoot digital cameras. Light travels through a single lens and the mirror is used to reflect a portion of the light.

3 Camera body The body is made out of high grade or metal and holds all parts together. The body also provides protection to internal parts of the camera.

4 DSLR Lens Camera Lens allow light and help use to re-create pictures. Lens have Zoom function which moves the surface closer or further from the projection.

5 DSLR Dial The DSLR Dial changes the cameras mode. Turning the dial allows the different modes including auto, manual, shutter, aperture, and program.

6 DSLR Flash The flash produces artificial light to illuminate a darker scene. The flash units are located on top of the camera or has a standard accessory mount.

7 LCD Screen The DSLR camera has a LCD, liquid-crystal display, which is a small screen in the back of the camera. The display shows the user what can be seen in the viewfinder.

8 Viewfinder The viewfinder is the part that the photographer uses to focus the picture.

9 Shutter button The shutter button is the push button on the DSLR camera to capture The photo. The shutter of the camera is released so it opens the capture Of a picture.

10 First project: Portraits
Group of 4 Each person will be assigned a different project within the group. As a group you will take photos of texture, shapes, lines, and patterns. One person will be assigned texture, another shapes, the third person will have lines, and the last person will have patterns. You will present 1 photo of each, you will choose which one is your best shot. Due September 20, 2013

11 Texture Choose who will be assigned texture.

12 Patterns Choose who will be assigned patterns.

13 Shapes Choose who will be assigned shapes.

14 Lines Choose who will be assigned lines.

15 Any questions?

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