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Driving Theory Session 4 cut and paste answers Safety Margins 2.

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1 Driving Theory Session 4 cut and paste answers Safety Margins 2

2 A driver pulls out of a side road in front of you. You have to brake hard. You should 1 A) ignore the error and stay calm

3 An elderly person’s driving ability could be affected because they may be unable to 2 C) react very quickly

4 In areas where there are ‘traffic calming’ measures you should 3 A) drive at a reduced speed

5 You are planning a long journey. Do you need to plan rest stops? 4 B) Yes, regular stops help concentration

6 A driver does something that upsets you. You should 5 A) try not to react

7 You intend to turn left at the traffic lights. Just before turning you should 6 D) check for bicycles on your left

8 What advice should you give to a driver who has had a few alcoholic drinks at a party? 7 C) Go home by public transport

9 You go to a social event and need to drive a short time after. What precaution should you take? 8 C) Avoid drinking alcohol completely

10 You are about to drive home. You feel very tired and have a severe headache. You should 9 A) wait until you are fit and well before driving

11 If you are feeling tired it is best to stop as soon as you can. Until then you should 10 B) ensure a supply of fresh air

12 Driving long distances can be tiring. You can prevent this by 11 A) stopping every so often for a walk B) opening a window for some fresh air C) ensuring plenty of refreshment breaks

13 Which THREE result from drinking alcohol? 12 A) Less control B) A false sense of confidence D) Poor judgement of speed

14 How does alcohol affect you? 13 D) It reduces your concentration

15 You want to turn right from a main road into a side road. Just before turning you should 14 C) check for traffic overtaking on your right

16 You are driving in slow-moving queues of traffic. Just before changing lane you should 15 B) look for motorcyclists filtering through the traffic

17 You are driving in town. There is a bus at the bus stop on the other side of the road. Why should you be careful? 16 B) Pedestrians may come from behind the bus

18 In which THREE places would parking your vehicle cause danger or obstruction to other road users? 17 A) In front of a property entrance B) At or near a bus stop E) On the approach to a level crossing

19 In which three places would parking cause an obstruction to others? 18 A) Near the brow of a hill D) Where the kerb has been lowered for wheelchairs E) At or near a bus stop

20 You are following a motorcyclist on an uneven road. You should 19 C) allow extra room in case they swerve to avoid pot-holes

21 You are following two cyclists. They approach a roundabout in the left-hand lane. In which direction should you expect the cyclists to go? 20 C) Any direction

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