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Secure Private Cloud Storage for Business. The Market Trend File Sharing Any Device Any Where Public clouds are good enough to personal users but security.

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1 Secure Private Cloud Storage for Business

2 The Market Trend File Sharing Any Device Any Where Public clouds are good enough to personal users but security became issues for business users. Enterprises and SMEs are start looking for cloud services with security reinforced. Security Needs Increasing 75% of companies allow BYOD to be used at work. Growing Private Cloud Market US$8.6b in 2013 US$47.0b in 2018 therefore CAGR 41%

3 Security and Productivity Requirements Improving Mobile Productivity Reinforced Security Control How to reinforce security with complete control from current cloud services How to get instant access to all corporates file securely from any devices on the go

4 Secure Private Cloud Storage Solution My Folder Auto Backup My PC Files Easy File Sharing with URL Shared Folder Guest Folder Comprehensive Administration Security Control by Enterprise Logs Management Access Control Security Policy Setup Only for Authorized Users Secure to Share Confidential Files Individual Guest Folder for Different Partners to Co-work Instant Access to Corporate Data Securely On the Go Real-time Monitoring Accelerate your workflow with Secure Private Cloud Solution! OfficeBox Corporate Firewall OfficeBox EFSS on Any Device, Any Where Easy & Simple UI

5 Why OfficeBox? Private Cloud Storage Secure File Sharing Secure Access On the Go Real-time Monitoring Access Control Integrates all company files into secured OfficeBox for efficient management. Secure online workspace for you to collaborate and share files with others easily. Instant access to all your data securely from any devices whenever you need. OfficeBox supports file, file link and login logs to monitor user and file activity in real-time. User access and file sharing can be controlled by assigning permission. Schedule Backup OfficeBox supports schedule backup to keep data safe from unexpected accident.

6 OfficeBox Product Line-up ModelDescriptionRequirements ApplianceS/W + H/W Package Virtual ApplianceS/W for Virtual ServerVMware ESXi/ESX 4.x, 5.x version SW PackageSoftware Version H/W: HDD 16GB or higher OS: CentOS 5.x (32bit) VersionDescription Web Internet Explorer 8 or higher Safari 5.1x on Mac OSX Chrome, Firefox PC Agent Windows XP / VISTA / 7 / 8 Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher Mobile App. iOS 5.0 or higher Android 2.2 or higher Product Line-up Specifications

7 OfficeBox Features

8 OfficeBox User Features Shared Folder Secure workspace for internal collaboration. Only administrator can add multiple folders under Shared folder and give permission for access. My Folder Private area for user to manage personal files. User can upload file easily and quickly. Guest Folder Secure workspace to collaborate with partners. User can add Guest folder to allow space to co-work with external partners efficiently.

9 OfficeBox User Features File & Folder Link It is fast and simple way to share large-sized file or multiple files(folder). Just create a link on uploaded file or folder to share. That is all you need to do!

10 OfficeBox User Features OfficeBox PC Agent Exclusive browser which you can transfer files between PC and OfficeBox server directly. All features are available in one browser. Drag and Drop Create File and Folder Link Automatic Upload Schedule Backup PC Drive Access From Mobile App Shared Folder Notification

11 OfficeBox User Features OfficeBox Mobile Application (iOS, Android) Access to OfficeBox server and your PC drives from on the go. OfficeBox Server Access File View/Upload/Download Create File/Folder Link Remote Access to PC Upload PC File to OfficeBox features are supported

12 OfficeBox Administrator Features Add User Administrator adds user accounts with user detail information. Name, ID, Password and Contacts Capacity, Permission Manage User Accounts Administrator can manage user accounts by registering, modifying and deleting users and groups. Importing users or groups by CSV file and authentication integration is supported.

13 OfficeBox Administrator Features Shared Folder Management Add multiple Shared Folder for different division and projects. Administrator can setup the access permission of each Shared Folder for security. Folder sync feature is supported for you to sync other OfficeBox server Shared Folder.

14 OfficeBox Administrator Features Log Management OfficeBox supports file logs, file & folder link logs and login logs for monitoring user and file activity to reinforce security. File Logs Login Logs File & Folder Link Logs

15 OfficeBox Administrator Features Permission Setup Assign access permissions for file sharing activities to reinforce data security. Give users and groups permission to read/write/create files in specified folders. System Policy Setup Various policy options such as file link, password policy and file auto-delete supports to reinforce data security. Options: Global Config, File Link Control, Password Policy, File Auto-delete, Email Notification Setting

16 Accelerate your workflow with a Secure Private Cloud Storage Solution!

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