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Your storage on the ground; Your files in the cloud.

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1 Your storage on the ground; Your files in the cloud.

2 What is Foldr A single virtual machine added to existing storage and security environment Configured in minutes Which works with Foldr iOS, or Android apps web browsers (Chromebooks, windows BYOD, MAC etc) Provides authenticated, encrypted access to personal folders and shares on servers From any device. Within the directory access rules Within security and compliance structure and enables controlled internal and external sharing

3 Share Content amongst designated users Deploy applications and remotely manage device settings Access shared resources and personal files Save resources created on the device to a personal space Provide Safe and secured internet connection Wider considerations of Mobile Device Deployment Things you will want to do… Control device usage e.g. which apps and features MDM Filter / Firewall Foldr

4 A typical windows environment Internet Connection WiFi Internal servers The Internet VPN Storage on windows servers Security Authenticate via AD Encryption via OS Sharing via shared drives Remote Access VPN Meets security and compliance standards Only AD devices can play.

5 Storage via cloud solutions Authentication via password Encryption – down to cloud provider Uncontrolled sharing Uncontrolled accounts Outside of security and compliance policy The Internet connection is a bottleneck Internet Connection WiFi Cloud storage The Internet Internet connection is a bottleneck A typical tablet/byod environment

6 Domain Windows devices use windows environment Tablets / BYOD use cloud Inter environment sharing via a partial duplication windows accounts and files copied to the cloud control issues or lockdown with MDM and AD External sharing via the cloud solution Outside security and compliance policy A typical mixed environment

7 Foldr gives best of all worlds THE INTERNET Cloud style storage On your own servers Authenticate via Directory services Encrypt Via SSL Control access via directory groups Share via links WiFi The Internet

8 From a browser Create folders Delete folders Download from a folder to device Upload from device to folder Share folders via F-Links From a tablet All browser functionality + Cache files on the tablet Open edit and save files from within applications such as Mail, Keynote, Pages, MS-Office Annotate PDFs Upload Media Stream Media Uses existing accounts & permissions Uses existing directory structures Browser, iOS & Android Foldr functionality

9 When do we need Foldr? When our systems admin needs Simple to set up No new accounts No data transfer No new access rights When our users need Simple to use Familiar Intuitive When we have Mixed device environment or a tablet environment Existing servers (Active Directory, Open Directory, LDAP) Need to store files and access Need remote access to files Need to share files internally and externally When we need A secure environment A controlled environment To be compliant with regulations And/Or When Uploading / downloading files causes internet connection congestion or performance problems

10 Commercials 1-125126-250251-500501-750751-10001001-12501251+ First Year £649£999£1,399£1,899£2,499£3,099£3,499 Renewal £299£449£599£849£1,099£1,349£1,599 Full Edition – Site License 1-25 Users26-75 Users76-125 Users First Year£649£999£1,399 Renewal£299£449£599 Per 5 Devices Annual Cost£74.95 Full Edition – Per-User License App-Only - Per User License Partners get 20% off list

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