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Community Problem- Based Learning Website Important Feedback.

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1 Community Problem- Based Learning Website Important Feedback

2 Lack of Multimedia Features Website should be more interactive, e.g. videos, photos, active links Website should link to other websites and outside resources

3 Citations Cite any and all information correctly, using MLA in-text citations (paraphrasing or direct text) Fix Works Cited Page Need more resources Cite interview correctly

4 Interviews Websites need to mention who you interviewed. Perhaps provide more background information about the person. Cite interviews in Works Cited Page

5 Leadership and Legacy (LTAC only) Must answer the question: What does it mean to be a leader in a Chicago community?

6 Chicago Connection Make a clearer connection to Chicago and the surrounding communities.

7 Presenting the Website Part I (about 4 - 5 minutes) Present your website clearly. Be sure to highlight all categories of the scoring rubric.

8 Presenting the Website Part II (about 4 - 5 minutes) Respond to questions from peers and teacher. Peers are REQUIRED to ask at least one question on either one of the presentation days Know your material!!! Be prepared to justify responses

9 What are good questions to ask the presenters? Questions should focus on how the website: Can be a resource for learning Connects Historical and Current events Can provide education about Chicago communities Connects to prior literature and classroom material Encourages active community involvement Promotes the sharing of personal adolescent experience

10 After the websites have been presented… All students will choose one website to grade using the provided scoring rubric.

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