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Festivals and holidays

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1 Festivals and holidays
Tereza Doležalová, V8A Gymnázium Jiřího Ortena 20th March 2015

2 Content Festivals in the USA Festivals in England
Festivals in the Czech Republic

3 Festivals in the USA

4 Independence day 4th July Lots of fireworks in the street
Celebrates independence from Great Britain America wanted the independence because of pay taxes Independence 1776 The first president: George Washington

5 Halloween The night of October 31 Parties Costumes Trick-or treat
Pumpkins with the scary faces Traditional game: apple bobbing – picking apples out of a bowl of water with the teeth

6 Thanksgiving 1620 – a group of people (Pilgrims) sailed from England to America on a ship (Mayflower) Native Americans taught them how to grow corn and vegetables, build better houses and treat their diseases After a year, they wanted to thank the Americans – invited them for a diner -> the first Thanksgiving On the fourth Thursday in November Traditional: Turkey with cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes; a pumpkin pie

7 Christmas December 25 Decorate their homes and gardens with lights
Turkey Exchange gifts Mythical fugure: Santa Claus

8 Festivals in England

9 Pancake day In spring Pancake races
People run and throw pancakes in the air

10 Guy Fawkes Night – „Bonfire Night“
November 5 Guy Fawkes – wanted to blow up the Parliament and the King in 1605 – arrested and thrown onto a bonfire Very noisy festival Lots of fireworks and bonfires Chlidren walk around and ask for a „penny for the guy“ Buy fireworks for the money

11 St Patrick‘s Day March 17 In tribute to St Patrick, the patron of Ireland Brought the Christianity to Ireland Symbol: a green shamrock

12 Christmas December 24: Christmas Eve
December 25: Christmas Day – people open the gifts Christmas dinner: Turkey and Christmas pudding Mythical figure: Father Christmas

13 Festivals in the Czech Republic

14 St. Nicholas Day December 6
During the evening before: angels, devils and St. Nicholas – from house to house and give presents to well behaved children Children: sing a song or tell a poem

15 Christmas Advent Christmas tree: ornaments, chocolate candies, gingerbread, candles,… Christmas dinner: fried carp with potato salad Midnight mass Mythical figure: Little Jesus

16 Silvestr Celebrating the end of the year Fireworks in the streets
In English speaking countries: New Year‘s Eve

17 Easter In spring Easter Monday:
men hit the women with a stick (woven willows) girls and women stay young and beautiful Girls and women give men coloured eggs

18 Sources holidays.html traditions.html 17th March 2015

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