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Subtracting Rational Numbers

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1 Subtracting Rational Numbers
Essential Question: How do you subtract rational numbers? Unit 1-3

2 Subtracting Rational Numbers
Vocabulary Difference- the answer to a subtraction problem

3 Subtracting To subtract a positive number move left on the number line. To subtract a negative number move right on the number line. Absolute numbers can never be negative.

4 Subtracting Subtraction is the opposite of adding, or adding the opposite, so change subtraction to adding the opposite

5 Rule to remember When you are subtracting: keep the first number, change the subtraction sign to addition, change the sign of the second number. K C C KEEP CHANGE CHANGE FOLLOW RULES FOR ADDITION OF RATIONAL NUMBERS

6 Subtracting To subtract a number add its opposite. p - q = p + (-q)
3 – 4 = 3 + (-4) Remember when adding two rational numbers with different signs find the difference of there absolute value. Then use the sign of the rational number with the greater value.

7 Subtracting How is subtracting rational numbers different from adding rational numbers?

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