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A Lesson in the American Artistic Movement; By Aja Alim-Young.

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1 A Lesson in the American Artistic Movement; By Aja Alim-Young

2 n. A form of art that depicts objects or scenes from everyday life and employs techniques of commercial art and popular illustration. pop-art (pŏp'ärt') Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

3 A visual art movement that emerged in the 1950s and was popular in the 1960s in the United States. Characterized by themes and techniques drawn from popular mass culture, such as television, movies, advertising and comic books. Food was a common theme, but so were household objects. Pop artists liked to satirize or ridicule objects, sometimes enlarging those objects to gigantic proportions. These objects reflected mass culture and consumerism. The movement was marked by clear lines, sharp paintwork and clear representations of symbols, objects and people commonly found in popular culture.

4 Andy Warhol Roy LichtensteinClaes Oldenburg Robert Rauschenberg Tom Wesselmann

5 Andy Warhol “Campbell’s Soup” 1968 Andy Warhol “Sixteen Jackies” 1964

6 Roy Lichtenstein “Hopeless” 1963 Roy Lichtenstein “Whaam!” 1963

7 Roy Lichtenstein “Brush Stroke” 1996, enlarged and fabricated 2002-03

8 Tom Wesselmann "Smoker number 1 (Mouth number 12)" 1967 Tom Wesselmann “Still Life #24” 1962

9 Robert Raushchenberg “Signs” 1970

10 Claes Oldenburg “Spoonbridge and Cherry” 1985-1988 Claes Oldenburg “Dropped Cone” 2001

11 Subjects are often easily recognizable and reflect popular items, people or ideas from American Culture : Food Brand Names and products Iconic Figures Common, everyday household items Current events Stylistically pop art can be defined as : Simple, crisp lines Oversized images or objects Often reflects and copies the styles seen in the media Collages of popular images Bright Colors Some work re-creates the same subject in several pieces or within the same piece

12 Materials: Tracing Paper Acrylic Paint Canvas Paper Ink pen 8” x 10” photo from magazine or own photo Objective: Create a portrait or still life using techniques and themes inspired from pop art: Clean, sharp lines Bright Colors Close-up and oversized subjects Products or iconic figures Thought Bubbles Collages: different images of same subject or same image repeated Easily recognizable subjects

13 Works Cited: Slide 2 - Definition of Pop Art: Art Slide 3- Information About Pop Art History: Slide 4- Photo of Andy Warhol: Photo of Roy Lichtenstein: tpen/album4/lichtenstein.jpg Photo of Claes Oldenburg: f4-l.jpg Photo of Tom Wesselmann: g/s400/Tom_Wesselmann.jpg Slide 5- Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Painting: Andy Warhol Jackie Painting: 1964.jpg

14 Works Cited Slide 6- Roy Lichtenstein Girl Painting: _4.jpg Roy Lichtenstein Whaam Painting: Slide 7- Photos of Roy Lichtenstein Sculpture: photo by Aja Alim-Young 2009, In front of Modern Art Museum in Washington D.C. Slide 8- Tom Wesselmann Mouth Piece: Tom Wesselmann Still life: Slide 9- Robert Raushchenberg Painting: Slide 10- Spoon and cherry Sculpture: Ice Cream Cone Sculpture: Slide 11- Summary of key ideas by Aja Alim-Young, referred by Slide12- Line Art Examples: 2D Pop Art Assignment: Created by Aja Alim-Young

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