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LOST DOG FIRST PART Once upon a time there was a dog called Caramel.

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3 FIRST PART Once upon a time there was a dog called Caramel

4 SECOND PAT. He was my best friend I played with him I took walks with him and all sort of things.

5 THIRD PART One day I woke up and guess what Caramel was not there anymore.

6 FOURTH PART I ran everywh ere I looked in his bed NO Caramel.

7 FIFTH PART I looked in the kitchen NO Caramel.

8 S IXTH PART looked in my bedroom NO CARAMEL

9 S EVENTH PART I was worried my best friend was lost what was I going to do with NO best friend! I said ``I am going to catch him with a biscuit`` But it did NOT work

10 E IGHTH PART THEN I got an idea I said ``I am going to make posters`` ! The posters had a picture of Caramel and writing.

11 N INTH PART I went in town and put all the posters on trees and on polls. I came back home.

12 T ENTH PART For 2 hours I sat down without doing anything.

13 E LEVENTH PART Then someone knocked on the door I opened the door and saw a dog it was not my dog but there was a old women with the dog she said ``hello I saw posters in town and I thought that was your dog I said ``no that is not my dog but thank you for coming to see if that was my dog.

14 T WELVE PART That was not my dog because the dog she had was dark brown and Caramel was light brown was my dog``.

15 T HIRTEEN PART Then she sat there for another 4 hours without doing a thing.

16 F OURTEEN PART She heard a noise it was a dog barking so she went and look and saw Caramel she was so happy.

17 but there was a little problem he was in the old women`s house it was the old creepy house. We call that house the creepy because it was hunted. The old women came out and said what are you doing little girl you lost your dog. Then I said yes but it is in your backyard can I go get it the old women said yes sure go get your beautiful little dog and go home my darling. I went home with Caramel and we lived happily ever after.


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