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What is a Literary Analysis?

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1 What is a Literary Analysis?

2 Literary Analysis What is it?
A close look at a literary work, then a breakdown of that work. Most of the time, the breakdown is of the theme of the work. This is what you will be doing when writing your literary analysis.

3 Literary Analysis A Literary Analysis Paragraph consists of:
An introduction Examples from the text A conclusion

4 Literary Analysis Basically . . .
You will make a statement about the theme of a piece of literature . . . AND Use quotations and examples from the literature to support and explain your statement

5 Literary Analysis How does it work?
The author of an analysis starts with a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a single sentence in the introduction of a literary analysis that makes a statement about the work. In your case, you will be stating the theme of the work.

6 Literary Analysis Introduction – What should be included:
Who and What the analysis is discussing Who = the main character What= the title of the book & the author Thesis Statement = what you are proving People reading your analysis have to know who and what you are discussing ! ! !

7 Literary Analysis How do I write a Thesis Statement? First, you have to understand the theme you have chosen to write your Literary Analysis about. The theme of ‘Through the Tunnel’ is about the pain of growing up, which includes the mental anguish of not being able to fit in with people.

8 Literary Analysis How do I write a Thesis Statement?
Then, you decide how the theme connects with the main character. The main character, Jerry, experienced not fitting in with an older group of boys because he was not physically able to do something they could, and acted like a child about it.

9 Literary Analysis How do I write a Thesis Statement?
Finally, decide what statement you can make about the two. Jerry experienced the pain of growing up when he did not fit in with a group of older boys because he did not act as mature as them.

10 Let’s look at an example!
Literary Analysis Let’s look at an example!

11 Literary Analysis Now that you have written the introduction for your analysis, it is time to support that thesis statement! How do you do that? Let’s find out . . .

12 Literary Analysis Your thesis statement makes a statement about the short story ‘Through the Tunnel'. Your next step is to prove and support statement.

13 Literary Analysis Step One:
Think about the story: Where in the story are specific examples of the theme? EXPLAIN how those examples support the theme.

14 Literary Analysis Conclusion:
As always, paragraphs need to be wrapped up. Use this time to: Restate the thesis and how the main character proves this theme in the story.

15 Literary Analysis Conclusion:
Example: Throughout the story “Through the Tunnel”, Jerry showed how painful growing up can be when he endured great mental and physical pain in order to achieve a goal he set for himself.

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