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2 EDUCATION Types of Programs Types of Institutions Accreditation
Semester System

3 Types of Programs Undergraduate programs (Bachelor degree) -the first level of post-secondary education -Age after 12 -At least 4 years Graduate Programs (Master’s & Doctorate degree) -same as post-graduate education -depending on the subject or course -earn a master’s or doctoral degree like MBA, MS or PhD -Requires a minimum of 16 years of formal education

4 Types of Institutions Universities - Academic institutions - Include one or more undergraduate colleges - i.e. schools offering study for a single profession such as law Four year colleges - Undergraduate institutions - Offering academic programs leading to a bachelor’s degree Institutes of technology - Polytechnic institutes - Offering specialized programs in sciences and engineering, in addition to basic sciences, humanities and the social sciences - Both levels(Gr. & Un. Gr.)

5 Accreditation a process by which universities and their programs are recognized for maintaining a certain level of performance and quality usually done by non-governmental agencies called accreditation bodies. Two types: - Regional Bodies > ascertain whether colleges and universities as a whole meet certain >standards of educational quality. - Professional > evaluate the quality of education in specific fields like Business, Law etc.

Ensures that universities meet minimum standards. Only national and international form of evaluation for US universities. Increases the recognition of degree by employers and schools. Helps in case the student wishes a transfer to another university

7 Semesters Fall Semester (September/October): - Main intake - Almost all programs offered at this times. - More financial aid - As funds are allocated for the entire year during this time. Spring Semester (January/February): - The mid-year intake - Limited financial assistance

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