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Electronic Portfolios Kentucky Academy of Technology Education

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1 Electronic Portfolios Kentucky Academy of Technology Education

2 What is an electronic portfolio? “An electronic portfolio is a selective and purposeful collection of digital samples of student work. The portfolio usually includes the use of electronic technologies that allow the portfolio developer to present the artifacts in many formats (audio, video, graphic, text).”

3 Why should we use electronic portfolios?

4 Foster active learning Provide instruments of feedback Allow for discussion of student performance Exhibit “benchmark” performance Store multiple media Are accessible Electronic Portfolios…

5 Focus on the student’s reflection of his/her own work Indicate records of learning, growth, change Provide meaningful documentation of students abilities Bring together curriculum, instruction and assessment Include varied media such as graphics, video and sound, going beyond paper and pencil work Electronic Portfolios…

6 Electronic Portfolios (on the practical side)... Are less expensive and less time-consuming Are easy to create.. and... easy to access Never look “old and worn” Can remain current Allows effortless reorganization Show proficiency in using technology (NTS 9)— allowing the user to incorporate powerful multimedia) (A good or great e-portfolio may mean JOBS)JOBS

7 What Options Are Available? Electronic Formats CD Web Equipment Needed Computer Scanner Digital Camera Video Camera

8 How Do I Begin? Determine portfolio content Determine the organized format Establish baseline requirements Select specific activities/lessons Prepare links

9 Source: Bullock, Ann Adams and Hawk, Parmalee P. (2001) “Applications of Portfolio Development” Developing a Teaching Portfolio, 78.

10 Electronic Portfolios Session 2

11 Source: Bullock, Ann Adams and Hawk, Parmalee P. (2001) “Applications of Portfolio Development” Developing a Teaching Portfolio, 15.

12 Suggestions to Consider Save everything in electronic format as it is created Consider file format Consider file size Get a jump start with the legal issues Photos Videotaping Release of student information Artifacts containing exceptional children

13 Additional Suggestions to Consider Save information in Microsoft Word or in Rich Text Format (*.rtf) Scan only documents that cannot be typed Organize files into folders: Artifacts, Reflections, Others

14 Electronic Portfolios Session 3

15 What Should My Portfolio Include? Demographic information Signed affidavit & release form Table of contents Professional resume Artifact for each of the nine teacher standards Reflective statement for each of the artifacts

16 Electronic Portfolios Eligibility Portfolio Example: Matt Dobson’s PortfolioMatt Dobson’s Portfolio

17 Think About Expanding Your Portfolio for... Professional Use: Personal visioning and philosophies Inventory of personal/career assets Personal/career goal setting Demonstrating professional growth and learning Career planning Peer review or collaboration Self-assessments Career initiatives

18 Think About Expanding Your Portfolio for... Employment applications/job interviewing Teaching purposes Internship Evaluation Employment tenure/advancement Job transfer/promotion National Board Certification

19 Creating Portfolios in the Classroom... Student-produced portfolios –Project-based activities –Record of activities undertaken over time, for example, writing –Indicator of student growth –Support cooperative teaming/peer reviewing Teacher-produced student portfolios –Record of student work over an extended period of time –Comparison of achievement across classrooms or schools –Involve parents in educational support/decisions

20 Student Portfolio Sites ey/CRA.htm ey/CRA.htm Examples: Electronic portfolio creation used in classrooms:

21 “Students become involved (stakeholders) in the improvement of processes associated within their daily work and routines.” They exhibit ownership! Why Are Student Portfolios Useful?

22 ... is transformed from gatekeeper of knowledge to facilitator and collaborator in a quest for knowledge.” “The role of the teacher…

23 Considerations to Remember The portfolio should be: learner-centered user friendly easily updated accessible by students, teachers, parents, others portable or transferable able to accommodate the integration of existing software files

24 Creation of a Basic FrontPage Web Open Web folder Import files Create basic links

25 Benefits of Portfolios Provides a challenging learning opportunity Serves as a dynamic record of student progress and achievements Provides a unique record for the future for students, teachers, parents, and employers Motivates students to do their best work Offers an easy-to-maintain collection of student work

26 Benefits continued… Offers a format which allows for easy maintenance of a large collection of student work Allows work to be collected and presented when needed Allows information to be presented in multiple ways Can be used for self-reflection, assessment, and evaluation Provides fun and excitement for students, teachers, and parents

27 The digital world is here!

28 Enjoy the experience!

29 Materials for this presentation were selected from the following sites:

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