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I wanna join a course in computers…what should I do?

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1 I wanna join a course in computers…what should I do?

2 I want…at least Advanced Syllabus Curriculum relevant to industry-requirement Experienced Staff members Well-Equipped Labs Good Placements And…. Something other than studies

3 Dept. of Comp. Sci. of VES College Welcomes you all !

4 Salient Features Established in 1999 Committed, Experienced & qualified staff Produced four university ranks in 2002, 2010 & 2012 Conducts seminars and/or workshops for students and/or faculty members by Industry Professionals Has a good placement record & conducts Joint Campus Recruitment Programs by companies like IGate, Tech Mahindra, HCL, TCS, Wipro etc for students of computer science, IT, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biotech & Microbiology of various colleges

5 Salient Features Conducts an intercollegiate festival "VIHAAN" comprising of Research Paper Presentations & Project Presentations for the students of Comp. Sci, IT, MCA, Engineering etc. Has a strong & active alumni who visit & provide guidance on career aspects, soft skills and Technology Provides Guidance for Post Graduate Courses like MCA, NCST, DAC & certification courses like RHCE, Oracle Certifications and Java Certifications MSc Computer Science will start from 2014-15

6 What will I learn in comp sci ? Syllabus updated in 2010-2011 Core Subjects like Comp Architecture, Microprocessors, Data Structures, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Networking & Security Operating systems like Windows, Linux Languages like C,C++,Java, Advanced Java Web Technologies like HTML, CSS, Java Script, AJAX.NET Technologies like VB.NET, ASP.NET, Web Services RDBMS - Oracle

7 Facilities 1 Comp Lab with 30 computer & 2 comp labs with 15 computers Unlimited Internet facility Enriched Library with books on core subjects, aptitude building, certification, soft skills & magazines in main library

8 Placement Record Year No. of Students Placed 2010-201112 2011-201225 2012-20135 2013-20146 Our students have been placed through Campus Placements in companies like –  iGATE  Tech-Mahindra  TCS  Wipro  Accenture  Infosys And many more….

9 Research Endeavors Our UG students have presented research papers in various conferences held across different colleges.

10 VIHAAN Our department conducts an inter-collegiate tech-fest called VIHAAN which is based on Research Paper, Project & Poster Presentation. It is conducted for the students of Comp Sci/IT/Engineering/Diploma /MCA etc

11  Guest lectures on latest technologies, career guidance  Intra-class workshops, seminars, interviews, add-on courses  Soft Skill development(Personality Development Programs, Group Discussions, Resume Writing, Interviewing Techniques)  Alumni Interactions (Technical Seminars / Career Guidance / Soft Skill development)  Encouraging participation in intra- collegiate competitions, taking up live projects, writing research papers etc Best practices

12 But they say…. Q. The college is too far – A.10 mins from Kurla/Chembur, very well connected via Road, Monorail…not good enough? Q. The college is strict and no enjoyment– A. Not strict…but yes disciplined. 3 years of hard work and life-time of enjoyment OR 3 years of enjoyment and life-time of hard work, which is better? Q. And dress code, attendance and all – A.Dress code is also followed in companies like Infosys…would you not join? With introduction of credit system, attendance carries marks. Want to loose?

13 But they say…. Q. Engineering has better prospects – A.Well…a Comp Sci student also after 3 years can get good placement, can do MSc CompSci/IT,MCA, MBA! Q. IT is better – A. Comp sci offers equally good opportunities for higher studies and job prospects! Q. But in IT, its easy to get first class due to internals A.With the introduction of Credit System, all courses will have internal marks. And for hard-working students, getting first-class should not be difficult! Any other doubts??? No…….

14 See you in FY Comp Sci!

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