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The coming back of career Guidance in Egypt: Why and How? Aboubakr Abdeen Badawi.

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1 The coming back of career Guidance in Egypt: Why and How? Aboubakr Abdeen Badawi

2 Social, Economic and CG Policies in Egypt: 1950s- Mid60s 1950s: Social Equity Policy; 1950s: Industrialization policy, TVET and Apprenticeship Programmes; 1950s: Vocational Guidance units and programmes (PVTD, Ministry of Labour); 1950s-Mid 60s: Sort of Vocational Guidance in technical Schools; 1950s-Mid 60s: Government Guaranteed Employment for all graduates;

3 Social, Economic and CG Policies in Egypt: the 21 st Century Free Market Economy: declared Social Equity Policy, BUT!; Foreign Investment: Privatization, Agr.!, consumables and unemployment; Educational Choices solely linked to Grades; 6/10 of unemployed are Youth, 1/5 young male and 1/3 young female; Some skill shortage; Revival of the call for CG and PPP;

4 Clients Demand Students and trainees: info on the labour market and free choice; Education and training staff: info on the labour market; Job seekers: info on vacancies and competences needed; Employers: relevance of education and training and labour productivity; Experts: enhancing labour productivity and self-satisfaction + Employment; Technical assistance providers: free choice and Democracy.

5 Energizers ETF study on CG in Egypt (2006); Formulation of a Country Task Force (2007); Enthusiasm by top-officials; Involvement of Cabinet Ministers; Interest by university professors; Interest by Business community; Readiness of technical cooperation providers; Support by the ETF; Commitment of self-motivated individuals.

6 Evidence Documented Minister of Education Letter to ETF, continued support to CG development; Minister of Manpower and Migration to ETF, continued support to CG Development; Ruling party policy committee members, the need for coherent CG system; An Employers organization (EIU) establishing HRD centers with CG function; Better rate of completion and employment of graduates that received CG services.

7 Context Huge numbers in education: 2 millions in secondary TVET alone, 16 million in pre- university education; Scarcity of funds (>90% of Education Budget as salaries); Burning issues in several fields: unemployment/poverty/informal sector etc.; Observatory function with core data; High-level officials convinced of the need; New TVET Strategy is currently developed.

8 Basics Government role is crucial, but not the sole player; A coherent system to be considered, but implementation in phases based on the anticipated Impact; Cost effectiveness of the tools and methodologies; Continuous assessment of the impact and redirection if needed.

9 The Vision  A multi-stakeholders coherent system providing qualitative and quantitative information on current and foreseen future needs of the labour market, individual’s capacity and continued support to students, trainees, job- seekers and other interested individuals using adequate media including ICT.

10 Priorities TVET schools and centres’ students/ trainees; Job-seekers in the employment offices; Networking with methodological guide; Cost effective modalities; Staff training; Optimized impact; Focusing on areas that do not require change of legislation.

11 Towards a Stronger Policy Partnership and coordination; Leadership from all stakeholders; Quality effective service, even if relatively limited; Co-sharing the cost with stakeholders and optimizing international technical cooperation; Working towards a comprehensive legislation, when time is appropriate.

12 Looking Forward To Your Valuable Comments/ Remarks THANK YOU,,,

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