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Lesson 19 Christian Prayer Catechism, Year B (book page 87)

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1 Lesson 19 Christian Prayer Catechism, Year B (book page 87)

2 Where does prayer fit on the Apple Tree? 1.Gospel in Word 1.Gospel in Sacrament 2. Faith in Christ = 100% Saved 3. 4. Thank- apples Triune God

3 The answer! 1.Gospel in Word 1.Gospel in Sacrament 2. Faith in Christ = 100% Saved 3. 4. Thank- apples Triune God Prayer is a fruit of faith!

4 Why Pray? Note: This lesson sometimes uses different Bible passages than the ones listed in your book.

5 Read: 1 Cor 10:31 Passage 1545) on p. 287 1. Because, by prayer, we honor God (prayer is worship)

6 Read: Philip 4:6 Passage 1516) on p. 280 2. Because God wants us to

7 Read: Matthew 7:9-11 Passage 1531) on p. 283 3. Because God promises his blessings to those who pray.

8 Who Prays Properly?

9 Read: Hebrews 11:6 Passage 1512) on p. 280 Those who… 1. have true faith in Jesus (this is “praying in Jesus’ name”)

10 Read: John 16:23 Passage 1513) on p. 280 Those who… 2. pray to the God who is Father, Son and Spirit (the Trinity). Did you note the Father – Son relationship?

11 Read: Hosea 14:2 Passage 1524) on p. 282 Those who… 3. live in repentance (daily turning away from sin and to Jesus in faith). To return to the Lord is also called r-e-p-e-n-t…

12 Read: Romans 6:6 Passage 1600) on p. 297 Those who… 4. are crucifying the old self and praying for God’s Will to be done. To crucify our old self, is to kill off our sinful desires.

13 Read: Eph 3:12 Passage 1530) on p. 283 Those who… 5. pray in the confidence that God hears and answers.

14 Read: Eph 1:11 Passage 1578) on p. 295 Those who… 6. pray in the trust that God will answer in the perfectly right way. Even what looks bad to us, will be worked out…

15 Some Guidelines for Prayer

16 Guidelines ??? 2. Combine prayer with Bible study to spiritually balance things. 1. Use whatever posture, etc., that expresses our inner attitude.

17 3. Pray in this pattern… A = Adoration C = Confession T = Thanksgiving S = Supplication Petition (a request) Intercession (pray for another)

18 The Lord’s Prayer Teaches Us About Prayer

19 Read: Matt 6:7,9-13 Passage 1525) on p. 282 The Lord’s Prayer is not a magic formula; it does not have to be spoken in exactly the same way as Matthew records it for the prayer to “work.” It is a guideline for us to use.

20 Read: Romans 8:15 Passage 1529) on p. 283 1. We pray as children talking to our Dear Heavenly Father (the Address). If by the Spirit-given faith we are sons of God….

21 Read: 2 Thess 1:11,12 Passage 1546) on p. 287 2. We pray that God’s Name, honor and truth is glorified and praised (1 st Petition). When faith shows itself in our actions, we glorify…

22 Read: Jn 18:36,37 Passage 1553) on p. 290 3.We pray that the Truth about Christ’s Kingdom and his Will to save sinners spreads (this includes asking for forgiveness to spread, keeping believers in the faith, and getting believers safely home to heaven). Since Christ’s kingdom rules by the Truth…

23 The Structure of the Lord’s Prayer 4. We pray so that spiritual requests come first and outweigh physical requests. 1 st Petn: Our Father in heaven 2 nd Petn: Keep holy his name 3 rd Petn: His Kingdom to spread 4 th Petn: Daily bread to physically sustain us 5 th Peti: Forgiveness for us and others 6 th Petn: That temptation not overcome us 7 th Petn: Deliver us from evil to Heaven 1 Physical 3 Spiritual

24 Read: 1 Peter 1:5 Passage 1607) on p. 298 Since Christ’s work for us is certain… 5. We end this prayer in both Praise (doxology) and with Certainty (Amen = This is most certainly true!)

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