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St. Albans Guide to the Rewrite Process ZONING & SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS.

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1 St. Albans Guide to the Rewrite Process ZONING & SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS

2  Zoning is the most common way in which municipalities regulate the land uses and physical development  Districts: Division of Uses  Minimum Lot Sizes  Setbacks  Minimum Frontage  Maximum Height  Maximum building and lot coverage  These Regulations are codified in our zoning bylaws WHAT IS ZONING?

3  What you can build depends on where—or in what ‘zone’—your property is.  The Town uses zoning to group land into different districts, or zones, with rules about what you can build in each  St. Albans Zoning Districts:  Rural  Residential  Residential Commercial  Light Industrial  Heavy Industrial  Conservation  Lakeshore ZONING DISTRICTS


5  Each Zoning district has permitted, conditional and prohibited uses PERMITTED CONDITIONAL & PROHIBITED USES UseRuralResidential Accessory Dwelling PP AgribusinessC Agricultural StructuresPP Agricultural Uses PP ChurchCC Day Care CenterCC Educational FacilityCC Essential Public ServicesC ForestryP Funeral Home Home Child Care PP Indoor RecreationC Indoor StorageC Multi-Family Dwelling C PUDCC SawmillC Seawalls PP Single Family Dwelling PP Tourist HomePC Two family dwellingPP

6 Lot size is calculated by multiplying the lot width by lot depth. MINIMUM LOT SIZES

7 The horizontal distance from a structure to the property line SETBACKS FY – Front Yard Setback RY – Rear Yard Setback SY – Side Yard Setback

8 The portion of a lot abutting a street and situated between lot lines intersecting such street. FRONTAGE

9 MAXIMUM HEIGHT Height Ground

10 The percentage of a lot’s area that is covered by impervious surfaces. LOT COVERAGE

11  Subdivision is dividing land into multiple parcels or lots  Subdivision regulations control how land is divided to accommodate uses and support infrastructure WHAT IS SUBDIVISION?

12 PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT  Permit flexibility in the application of land development regulations

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