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110 Pine Street Residential Apartments Zoning Bylaw Amendment.

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1 110 Pine Street Residential Apartments Zoning Bylaw Amendment

2 Development Team 1708545 Ontario Ltd. – Owner Andrew Fairweather – Project Manager Jasper Design – James Schneider Dan Barill P.Eng. – Structural Engineer D.C. Slade Consultants – Planning – Andrew Pascuzzo, RPP

3 Surrounding Land Uses

4 Site Characteristics Lot is 1012 m 2 in area 20.20 meters of frontage on Pine Street Existing three (3) storey residential brick home Height 32’10” (10 meters) 164 m2 ground floor area Located in the Heritage District Building was converted from residential to office space in the 90’s Parking lot at rear (9 spaces)



7 Proposal Conversion of commercial office space into five (5) residential apartments Two (2) units on the first floor, two (2) units on the second floor, one (1) unit on the third floor Unit 1 – 51 m2 (1 bedroom) Unit 2 – 61 m2 (1 bedroom) Unit 3 – 43 m2 (1 bedroom) Unit 4 – 53 m2 (1 bedroom) Unit 5 – 64 m2 (bachelor) THERE WILL BE NO CHANGES TO THE EXTERIOR NO ADDITIONS TO THE BUILDING




11 Site Servicing Sanitary Sewer – currently serviced Water – currently serviced Stormwater – overland to street, municipal storm system Utilities - existing Transit – Colltrans stop directly across the street

12 Important Dates September 24, 2013 Pre-Consultation Meeting with Planning, Building and Engineering depts October 7, 2013 – Client purchases property October 25, 2013 – Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application Submitted November 8, 2013 – Notice of Complete Application and Public Meeting December 2, 2013 – Statutory Public Meeting THANKYOU TO ALL STAFF

13 Town of Collingwood Official Plan Designated Downtown Core Section Residential uses, primarily apartments, are permitted and encouraged in the Downtown Core Proposal for five (5) apartments conforms to the OP Therefore, an OP Amendment is NOT required

14 Town of Collingwood Zoning Bylaw Downtown Core Commercial (C1) Zone Table Senior citizen housing, retirement home, nursing facility and accessory dwelling are permitted use(s) The proposed residential apartments are not a permitted use on the first floor of the building. (OP Housing Review) Requesting amendment to permit residential apartments on all floors of the building. Also requires recognition of the existing front yard setback (max. 3 m /currently 4.1 m)

15 Collingwood Flood Plain

16 IS THIS GOOD PLANNING ANDREW? The Downtown Core designation permits and encourages residential apartments The proposed apartments provide an alternative housing option within the downtown area Opportunity for residents to walk to do everything Heritage building can be renovated and utilized for it’s original residential purpose (intensified) Municipal Infrastructure is immediately available Transit is immediately available The five (5) apartments are compatible with the surrounding neighborhood Ample parking, open space areas (parks) nearby

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