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The King of Rock and Roll: Elvis Presley By: Marquis Horne.

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1 The King of Rock and Roll: Elvis Presley By: Marquis Horne

2 Early Life Born January 8 th, 1935 in Tulepo, Mississippi Influenced to get into music by attending church services and listening to country music with his family.

3 Early Life, Continued For his 11 th birthday, Elvis receives his first guitar. Moves from Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee. While in Memphis, Elvis spends significant time on Beale Street where the blues and gospel singers influence him.

4 Early Career After graduating high school, Elvis auditions with Sun Records. They are impressed and pair him with Scotty Moore and Bill Black In 1954, they do a cover of Arthur Crudup’s “That’s Alright, Mama”

5 Early Career, Continued “That’s Alright Mama” climbs the Billboard Charts Elvis is introduced to Colonel Tom Parker while working for the radio show “Louisiana Hayride.” Parker helps Elvis sign on with RCA Records which would launch his career into mainstream popular culture.

6 The Road to Becoming “The King” 1956, “Heartbreak Hotel” is released. This would become his first major hit. Elvis Mania sweeps across the nation as he appears on several different variety shows. In 1956, Elvis merchandise grossed $22 million

7 The Army At the end of 1957, Elvis receives a draft letter. He would serve in the United States Army in a variety of cities, including Germany, from 1958- 1960. Upon his return from service, his career would take off.

8 Elvis in Film Upon returning from the war, Elvis focused on his film career while also making soundtracks for the films. “G.I. Blues” was released in 1960 and his soundtrack for it rose to number one.

9 Elvis in Film, Continued Other feature films starring Elvis include “Blue Hawaii,” “Viva Las Vegas,” and “Girls! Girls! Girls!” Over the course of his lifetime, Elvis would star in 31 feature films

10 A Return to the Stage 1968: Elvis returns to the stage to perform a concert live on NBC entitled “Elvis.” This concert regenerates his passion for studio recording and touring.

11 The Early 1970s In the early 1970s, Elvis records several hits that rise up the Billboard Charts In 1972, over 1.5 billion worldwide tune in to another television special “Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii-Via Satellite.”

12 The Mid 1970s Elvis continues to tour throughout the United States and the World with crowds packing stadiums/arenas to view his iconic music

13 August 16 th, 1977 Preparing to return to the stage following a short break, Elvis dies of an apparent heart attack while sleeping at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. The heart attack is believed to have been caused by an addiction to pain killers. The world mourns his loss.

14 Accolades 149 Songs made the Billboard 100, with 18 going to #1 Album sales are over 2 billion 150 albums have received platinum, gold, or multi- platinum status Starred in 31 feature film. Inaugural member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Nominated for 18 Grammy’s and won 3 Country Music Hall of Fame

15 “That’s Alright Mama” Released in 1954 Cover of song by Arthur Crudup Recorded at Sun Records Accompanied by Scotty Moore on guitar and Bill Black on bass Considered by many to be the first rock and roll album

16 Listening Guide Introduction 00:00 Verse 1 00:07 Verse 2 00:29 Guitar Solo 00:48 Verse 3 1:10 Improvisation 1:32 Coda 1:50 End 2:04 Instruments: vocals, guitar, bass, drums 12 bar blues progression Scat singing Constant tempo and volume Homophonic texture com/watch?v=hIWlW A1YTBw com/watch?v=hIWlW A1YTBw

17 “Hound Dog” Released in 1956 Produced under RCA Records Lyrics are about a dog, not about people like many people think Cover of original by Big Mama Thornton Performed with Scotty Moore (guitar), Bill Black (bass), and D.J. Fontana (drums)

18 Listening Guide Chorus00:00 Verse 100:19 Chorus00:36 Guitar Solo00:52 Verse 21:09 Guitar Solo1:25 Verse 31:41 Chorus1:57 Coda2:14 End2:20 No introduction Strong backbeat Elvis vocal tone is forte Latin sounding drum rhythm is heard Homophonic texture ABACABA form com/watch?v=FJsQSb 9RFo0 com/watch?v=FJsQSb 9RFo0

19 “Burning Love” Released in 1972 under the RCA label. Produced by Felton Jarvis and written by Dennis Linde Performed with Ronnie Tutt (drums), James Burton (lead guitar), John Wilkinson (rhythm guitar), Jerry Scheff (bass)

20 Listening Guide Introduction 00:00 A-Verse 100:07 A-Verse 200:18 B-Chorus00:32 A-Verse 300:44 A-Verse 41:00 B-Chorus1:12 Instrumental1:25 A-Verse 51:42 A-Verse 61:53 B-Chorus2:06 Coda2:19 End3:00 AABAABAA format Strong backbeat Homophonic texture Gospel style background vocalists Instruments: guitar, piano, bass, drums com/watch?v=REc9a P7th4c com/watch?v=REc9a P7th4c

21 Bibliography Bells, Mike. Elvis Presley Biography: A Life of Shock and…. New York, Random House, 2011. Print. Breckenridge, Stan. Popular Music in America: Forging the American Spirit. Iowa: Kendall Hunt Publishing, 2012. Print. Elvis Presley: Official Site of the King of Rock N Roll. Elvis Presley Enterprises, 2012. Web, April 29, 2012.

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