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Eric Clapton A look into Rock Blues By: Levi Lewis.

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1 Eric Clapton A look into Rock Blues By: Levi Lewis

2 Contents  Eric Clapton Biography  Composition History  Listening Guide “Hideaway”, “Sunshine of Your Love”, “Tears in Heaven.”

3 Biography  Introduced to the Rock Hall of Fame 3 times  one of the most influential guitarist of all time  Number 4 in Rolling Stones 100 best guitarists

4 Biography  Born March 30, 1945  Grew up in Surrey England  Raised by his Grandparents  Very Musical family

5 Biography  Depressed by unusual circumstances of his childhood  Flunked out of school  Attended Hollyfield Road school of art

6 Biography  Eric asked for his first guitar at age 13  Played blues  Inspired by B.B. King

7 Biography  Eric joined his first band at 17  Supported himself through construction labor  Joined the “Yardbirds”  Earned the nickname “God”

8 Biography  Joined “Fresh Cream”  Achieved superstar status  Invented new blues guitar sounds

9 Biography  Eric began his solo career  Made himself known through the 70’s and 80’s  Won a Grammy for “Tears in Heaven”

10 Composition History  Worked in blues, rock,  Worked in bands, and as a solo artist

11 Composition History  “Hideaway”  1966 six on the charts in UK  The Bluesbreakers  Eric Clapton  29 on billboards top 100  Originally written by Freddie King

12 Composition History  “Sunshine of Your Love”  (Fresh) Cream  Eric Clapton  Inspired by Jimi Hendrix  Written by Jack Bruce and Pete Brown  “Woman tone” 1664 Gibson SG

13 Composition History  “Tears in Heaven”  Inspired by Clapton’s son Conor  Written with the help of Will Jennings  Featured in the film “Rush”  Clapton won 3 Grammy’s with this song

14 Listening Guide“ Hideaway”  0:05 The drummer counts them in using his sticks  0:10 Eric’s blues guitar twains in leading the band with amplifier at a high octave  0:11 A pianist tunes into the fast tempo of the blues guitar hammering the pianos action

15 Listening Guide  0:13 The drummer gently hits the cymbals of the drums acting as a tambourine joining the allegro mix chanting to the beat of the electric guitar  0:35 The music alternates between the background of the two guitars, tambourine and the piano, with blues guitar

16 Listening Guide  0:45 By this time the trombone is highly recognizable with it’s long bursts of sound protruding into the solo  0:56 The blues guitar solo ends and the piano takes over with the cavatina leading the group in short bursts of sound back and forth between roles

17 Listening Guide  1:53 The blues guitar takes a short solo leading them to seemingly all stand out, as they compete with each others instruments for glory  2:47 The battle is broken with a harmonica taking the rest of the band back it it’s regular tempo as the harmonica makes it’s solo

18 Listening Guide  4:00 The bands tempo picks back up to it’s original beat with the piano and blues guitar standing out  4:17 The pianist strikes his last not hard throwing the lead to the blues guitar

19 Listening Guide “ Sunshine of Your Love”  0:02 Electric guitar bursts out with alternating notes  0:05 The drummer strikes the toms as it welcomes itself to the song  0:06 The electric guitar and drums alternate between each other

20 Listening Guide  0:18 The vocalist begins singing, keeping up with alternations of the drums and guitar  0:53 The guitars tempo changes to fast paced, forcing the drums to slam the toms at a doubled rate

21 Listening Guide  1:09 The electric guitar leads the band back to its original tempo and alternation  1:48 The guitar, drums, and vocalist lead back to the faster paced notes and lyrics, then simultaneously hold notes taking us back full circle

22 Listening Guide  2:47 The electric guitar solo makes for more complication as it hits even higher octave pitches  2:54 Electric guitar solo ends, bringing us back to theme 1

23 Listening Guide  3:35 The vocals, electric guitar and drums return to quicker alternations  3:55 The vocals, electric guitar and drums all hold notes to once again come full circle

24 Listening Guide “Tears in Heaven”  0:01 The music is introduced with adagio tempo of acoustic guitar  0:12 The vocals are introduced with two hits on hand percussion

25 Listening Guide  0:39 The acoustic guitar tempo get much slower, and the vocalist holds on to his notes much longer. The vocals end with two short chords strung on the acoustic guitar

26 Listening Guide  1:52 The music once again comes full circle with a musical solo, only this time there is clearly a flute distinguishable in the background with long held high octave notes

27 Listening Guide  2:35 We are then brought back to original theme, that now seems to hold a much slower somber tempo with an incorporated tremolo arm affect on the acoustic guitar to draw out dramatic notes

28 Listening Guide  3:48 Original tempo is brought back, with guitar and vocals slowing down  4:10 Chorus is repeated in the lyrics accompanied by theme 2 to bring the song to a close

29 Bibliography Biography, Composition History, Listening Guide Wikipedia/Eric Clapton of your love/tears in heaven Google images

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