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Internet Phone & Video Services

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1 Internet Phone & Video Services
(i.e., VoIP) CAT Web Site:

2 Topics To Be Discussed Landline alternative companies
Examples: Vonage, Via:talk VoIP Adapters (no or low monthly bill) Examples: MagicJack, netTalk Computer based systems (softphones) Examples: Skype, Google Talk/Chat Mobile phone based systems Examples: Truphone, Skype apps Video & Conference Calling

3 Voice over Internet Protocol
VoIP – “Voice over Internet Protocol” Uses Internet rather than landline cable to transmit voice and video signals Advantages of VoIP: Lower cost (or free) phone service Inexpensive domestic & overseas calling Video calling capability Phone & video conferencing

4 Telephone vs. VoIP Network
Public Switched Telephone Network Internet VoIP Adapter VoIP Provider Router DSL Modem

5 VoIP Phone Systems Unlimited free calling for domestic calls
Typical free services: Voic caller id call waiting online message playback Etc., etc. Low cost international calls Cost less than a standard telephone landline

6 VoIP Connection Setup

7 Potential Issues with VoIP Phones
Voice signal quality Emergency 911 Calling Fax handling Retention of existing phone number Loss of AC power = Loss of phone Loss of Internet feed = Loss of phone Customer service

8 VoIP Phone Companies Main advantage vs. other VoIP alternatives
Business quality systems Better signal quality Better customer support Main disadvantage vs. other VoIP alternatives Typically they are slightly mores costly

9 IP Phones vs. Adapters IP Phones are specifically designed to work with VoIP technology Ethernet ports to connect voice/data Landline phones work with VoIP, if you use an “Analog Telephone Adapter” Converts voice to VoIP call Can be used to connect to your existing phone system Voice quality may not be as good as IP Phones Some features, such as caller ID, may not work

10 Leading VoIP Phone Companies
Vonage Lingo BroadVoice ViaTalk AT&T U-verse Comcast Digital Voice Etc., etc. (100s)

11 VoIP Company Comparison
$/Mo. Setup Comments Vonage $26 $0 Most popular VoIP, great call quality Lingo $10-22 $10=250 min., $22=unlimited $8.33 One of the lowest cost VoIP BroadVoice $10 Good for lot of international calls ViaTalk $11-17 Long list of features Skype $3 $170 Pricey phone, no 911 AT&T $31 - Basic phone service for comparison

12 Internet Phones

13 Video Calling Systems (free)
ooVoo Skype Yugma Vbuzzer Ekiga TokBox Eyejot SightSpeed Google Chat Yahoo Messenger AOL Instant Messenger

14 Video Calling Systems Conference Call One-on-One

15 Video Calling Comparison
Company Comments ooVoo Similar to Skype, desktop sharing, can join via browser Skype Most popular, easy to use, up to 640x480, 30fps Yugma Focused on multi-users, desktop sharing & mark-up Vbuzzer Calling, faxing, video conferencing Ekiga Linux’s alternative to Skype, complete software TokBox Simple & we-based, group conferencing up to 200 Eyejot Browser based, spam-free, create/receive video SightSpeed Excellent video quality but outdated interface

16 “Do it Yourself” Adapters
MagicJack Plus netTalk Duo Ooma Obi w/ Google Voice FreeTalk “Connect.Me”

17 MagicJack Plus Matchbox-sized device
Works as stand-alone device or via PC Low cost: $70 + $30/yr after 1st year Free USA calling, low cost international calls You get a new phone number Number porting available ($20 + $10/yr) Portable: Use in hotel (need Ethernet cable feed or laptop for Wi-Fi) Smartphone app available When buying- try to sell you “extra” services Customer service is difficult to deal with

18 netTalk Adapter Free USA calls, low cost international calls
Similar size & features to MagicJack Plus Low cost: $70 + $30/yr after 1st year Free USA calls, low cost international calls You get a new phone number No number porting available Portable: Use in hotel (need Ethernet cable feed or laptop for Wi-Fi) Smartphone app available Better customer service than MagicJack

19 Ooma Adapter Adapter box (not as small as MJ or NT)
Different pricing ($200 + $3.78/mo. tax) Free USA calls, low cost international calls Can use landline as backup Number porting available ($40) Better voice quality than MJ or NT Smartphone app available Good customer service

20 Obi Adapter Obi is an “Unlocked” adapter May be used with Google Voice
Cost: $50 + $0/mo. Can handle 5 Phones (Ring Load) Smartphone apps available Another similar option to Obi: “VoSKY Call Center”

21 VoIP Adapter Services no Feature M. Jack netTalk ooma Obi
Free calls to US & Canada yes Free calls to identical devices Voic to no Free 411 Directory Assistance Enhanced 911 service Conference calling Fax friendly Videophone capability w/ PC Cost – Purchase device $40/$70 $70 $200 $50 Cost – Per year (after 1st year) $20/$30+ $30+ $45 tx $0 Voice quality * good best+ best- * Voice quality tends to be very subjective and depends on specific conditions

22 Calling Rates ($/minute)
Call to: MagicJ netTalk* Google Skype* AT&T* China 2.3¢ $3.49 France 2-18¢ 3-22¢ 2-10¢ 2.3-21¢ $1.49 Italy 2-28¢ 4-30¢ 2-15¢ 2.3-31¢ Japan 2.5¢ 4-19¢ 2-11¢ 2.6-18¢ Thailand 10¢ 2-3¢ 6.5-12¢ UK 2-23¢ 2-25¢ 2.3-26¢ USA 39¢ * Calling plans available at a monthly fee that will reduce $/min. costs

23 CR Phone Service Ratings *
* Consumer Reports, May 2011

24 VoIP Softphones No adapter needed PC or smartphone app required
Softphone examples: AOL Instant Messenger Google Chat/Talk Skype Windows Live Messenger Yahoo! Messenger

25 Google Voice Google Talk Google Chat - Phone mgt. system - PC app
Google, Google, Google Voice Google Talk Google Chat - Phone mgt. system - PC app - Browser app

26 Google Voice Unique & free phone management system
Requires Gmail account Many of useful features You need to get a new phone number or Port one of your existing numbers ($5-10) No “911” access Use CallCentric for E911 service at $1.50/mo. Excellent “User Quickstart Guide”:

27 Google Voice Features Unique & free phone management system
1. Google Voice with your existing number Google Voic – Voice mails in your inbox as text Voic transcription – Read what your voice mail says Custom Greetings – Caller can send voice mail greetings International Calling – Very low cost international calling plans Notifications – Read your voic s via or mobile sms Share Voic s - Sharing features like you can embed, download and forward voic s 2. Google Voice with Google Number One Number – Single number which can ring all your phones Free SMS – Share, receive and archive text messages online Block Calls – You can block unwanted or advertisement calls Record Calls – You can record phone calls and store online Conference calls – You can make or receive conference calls Screen Callers – You can check callers ID before receiving the calls

28 Google Voice Options & Features
Google Voice Lite (No GV# needed) One voic for all your phones Voic transcriptions & forwarded via /SMS Custom voic greetings Free domestic and low cost international calling Full Google Voice Get a custom Google phone number Call forwarding Call recording Call blocking Conference calling Free SMS

29 Google Voice “Call Forwarding”
My Google Voice number Select phones that you want to have calls forwarded to

30 Google Voice – Calls to You
Public Switched Telephone Network Call to your GV number Internet Google Server Voic is stored & available on GV Server

31 Google Voice – Calls from You
Public Switched Telephone Network Domestic or international phone Internet Google Server Google Server

32 Google Talk PC/Smartphone application Requires Gmail Account Features
Voice calls (to friends online) Instant messages (IM) Transfer files Leave voic messages No video call capability

33 Google Chat Browser application inside Gmail Requires Gmail Account
Features Voice and video chat Instant messages Group chat Phone calls to any landline or mobile phone

34 Local Number Porting (LNP)
Keep your existing phone number Cancel your land-line account Port all calls to this number at another phone (VoIP or cell number) Some VoIP services require you purchase LNP from them Cost: $6.99/month (typical) With LNP for VoIP phones, 911 Operators may not automatically receive Calling phone number Calling location

35 VoIP Quality of Service (QoS)
Latency: Delays in transmission Jitter: miss-timed info packets Packet Loss: lost info packets Router/Adapter “hang-ups” Things you can do to improve QoS: Sufficient Internet bandwidth Enable “Quality of Service” setting on router Enable “Background Services” in Windows Computer firewall (“allow” VoIP access)

36 VoIP Quality of Service
Some VoIP systems are better than others VoIP techniques to improve QoS: Voice compression Wire-speed (prioritize voice packets) Adaptive redundancy (packets) No “stand-out” best QoS winner but: Ooma gets generally good marks Although all systems have some bad reviews, they all also have many satisfied customers

37 Web Site:
Test Your VoIP Quality Web Site:

38 Call Quality Comparison

39 Skype

40 Skype Free voice/video calls to other Skype users
Maximum Video Resolution: VGA (640x480) at 30 fps (min. 0.5 Mbps) HD (1280x720) at 22 fps (min. 1.2 Mbps) Automatically optimizes video call quality Software on PC or Smartphone needed Smartphone works via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G Low cost fee to call non-Skype phones Conference calling (up to 8 connections) Can not call emergency numbers

41 Skype Video

42 FreeTalk “Connect.Me” Use land-line phone for Skype calls
FreeTalk “Connect.Me” adapter ($50) Also use your phone for landline calls Emergency 911: Available via Packet8 for $1.99/month All calls at Skype rates Unlimited domestic calling for $4.50/mo. Low international rates

43 FreeTalk “Connect.Me” Skype Router

44 Apple “Facetime” iOS 4 Application (Apple)
Free video calls between iOS4 devices Simple to use – Just like making any other call from address book Video up to: 320 x 240 at 10 fps Both devices must be in a Wi-Fi area May be projected on HDTV via HDMI cable or Apple TV “AirPlay”

45 Mobile Phone Apps Use to make data-only phone calls (doesn’t affect your “minutes”) Use Smartphone to make free domestic & low cost international phone calls Apps available for: Vonage (audio) Skype (audio & video) ooVoo (video) Paltalk (audio & video) MagicJack (audio) netTalk (audio) Google Voice (audio) Etc….

46 Google Voice on iPad Use your Wi-Fi iPad to send/receive calls
Need Google Voice account Must be in Wi-Fi area Two good apps: Talkatone (for voice) - free GV Connect (for voice, SMS integration) - $2.99 Free calls (no “plan minutes”) and low cost international calls

47 Google Voice “Tricks” Friends/relatives in another state:? Get GV# in their area code and forward calls to your home number Tired of all your phones ringing simultaneously? Set up specific times when each phone will ring Send missed calls to your Gmail inbox so you don't forget to call back Record incoming calls by pressing “4” Set your Skype Caller ID to your GV# Switch phones while in a call: hit “*” , your other phones will ring and then pickup another phone Avoid cell phone “minutes”: Make your GV# one of your “Top 5” or “Faves” and then use “Click2Call”

48 The End……………... CAT Web Site:

49 Supplemental Information
Test your VoIP Internet connection quality: or Good VoIP comparison site: Another VoIP comparison site: Google Voice “User Quickstart Guide”:

50 Number Porting to Google Voice
This tutorial will guide you through the process of porting a non-mobile number to Google Voice. Once your number is ported, you can eliminate the monthly fee and use this number on the OBi with Google Voice. Since Google does not support porting non-mobile numbers to Google Voice directly, this requires a two-step process that we will describe in greater detail below. In essence, you will first port your number to a mobile service number and then the mobile service number (previously the original number) to become your Google Voice number. Important Note: Google Voice cannot be used to place or receive emergency services calls. Requirements: An unlocked mobile phone (with SIM card access) and a pre-paid SIM card from T-Mobile available here (link). Check if your number can be ported or transferred to T-Mobile. Click here to check. If your number is eligible for transfer, buy a prepaid SIM card from T-Mobile here (link)or at any authorized T- Mobile dealer. This will cost approximately $3 to $7. Select the image to the right to purchase from Amazon. When you receive the prepaid SIM card, activate the SIM card using the instructions included in the package. You will choose a new (temporary) number and PIN. Insert the SIM card into an unlocked phone and a test call — call in and out. Call T-Mobile's activation department at Request to port your old number to your new prepaid SIM account. In 1 to 3 days, you will receive confirmation that the number port is complete, check to see that the number is working properly — E.g. Your old number is now the mobile number. Go to your Google Voice account and request to port your T-Mobile number to Google Voice. The request to port link is found in, "Voice Settings." Look for the "Change/Port" link (click here for example screen shot). Google will charge a one-time fee of $20 for this service. You will need to provide your T-Mobile account number which is your ported number, e.g. 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx and your PIN. Note: Use your newly ported, original number — not the number you choose when activating the SIM card. Google will call the mobile number for activation purposes, so be sure to have your unlocked phone in which you inserted the prepaid SIM card. In 1-3 days, Google will you to confirm the porting is complete. You may now start using your old number with Google Voice on your new OBi!

51 Google Voice Lite Voicemail Setup
Set up Google voic for your mobile number Google Voice Lite lets you set up Google voic for your mobile phone number. This allows you to have all your voic in one place, with transcriptions, access to your past voic s, and voic sharing options. If you'd like to set up Google voic for your mobile number, follow the steps below: Click the gear icon link at the top right corner of the page. gear icon Click Voice settings. Click Add another phone and enter a name and the number for your mobile phone. Click Save. You will be prompted to verify your phone number. Click Connect and Google Voice will call your phone and you need to verify it by entering the code that appears in the 'Verify your Phone' pop-up window. Once you've verified your phone, you'll have to choose your mobile carrier from the drop-down menu. Follow the directions on the next screen and enter the code provided as if you were calling someone. Press the 'Call' button on your phone to finish setting up Google voic for your mobile phone. If you need to deactivate Google voic for your phone at any time, click the Deactivate voic link and follow the instructions provided. Note: If you are having trouble configuring Google Voice as your voic service on Verizon you can make the switch manually by dialing these three activation codes: *71[Your Google Voice number] *90[Your Google Voice number] *92[Your Google Voice number]

52 Google Voice Quick Reference

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