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Solar Energy and the Atmosphere

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1 Solar Energy and the Atmosphere
Chapter 19.2

2 The Atmosphere and Solar Radiation
The upper atmosphere absorbs almost all radiation with short wave lengths Most of the solar rays that reached the lower atmosphere have longer wave lengths Only small amounts of visible light waves are absorbed

3 The Atmosphere and Solar Radiation

4 The Atmosphere and Solar Radiation
Scattering- occurs when particles and gas molecules in the reflect and bend the solar rays Scattering is what makes the sky appear blue and the sun appear red at sunset The amount of energy that is absorbed or reflected depends on characteristics of what the radiation falls on 30% is either reflected or scattered

5 The Greenhouse Effects
Earth’s atmosphere reduces the escape of energy that radiates from Earth’s surface Human activity and natural causes change that balance of energy entering and escaping our atmosphere -the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased

6 Variations in Temperature
Earth’s surface absorbs energy for a while, enough heat needs to be absorbed to change the temperature of the atmosphere Temperature of the atmosphere in any region on Earth’s surface depends on latitude, surface features and the time of year and day

7 Latitude and Season When sunlight hits Earth’s surface at an angle less than 90° energy is spread out over a larger area Energy that reaches the equator is more intense than the energy that reaches the poles

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