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WELCOME TO THE SPANISH CLASS! La Clase de Español de la Sra. E.

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1 WELCOME TO THE SPANISH CLASS! La Clase de Español de la Sra. E

2 “Each class is an important and essential space to learn as well as enjoy. In this introductory course students will reinforce the four basic skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing.”

3 THIS CLASS IS… 1. Conducted mostly in Spanish. 2. Adapted according to the student’s level. 3. Structured in logical parts and lessons that will help the student learn in a progressive way.

4 TECHNIQUES 1. Students will learn to use Spanish language in real life situations. They will speak Spanish with teacher (Immersion & classroom environment is crucial) 2. TPR 3. Technology – Computer Language lab – iPad 4. Routine - Daily basic conversations 5. Sketches and plays 6. Cultural Projects and presentations 7. Music, art, leisure, literature, games, etc.

5 CULTURE In addition, we will enrich and expand our horizons by incorporating cultural and social studies. Getting to know new cultures and exploring different customs and Hispanic traditions is a fundamental aspect of the curriculum.

6 SUPPLIES * Spanish textbook (Avancemos 1a) * iPad (Speaking Practice – Day 1) * 2’’ binder (Hojas de colores) * 3 x 5 index cards * Pencil and eraser * Spanish/English dictionary

7 SCORING As in other academic subjects, in Spanish class we assess student work and we use a 4-point scoring scale. In class, we help students work toward academic standards by using specific learning targets, which guide them towards what is expected.

8 Standards-based Scoring 4 = Exceeding the grade level standard at this time 3 = Achieving the grade level standard at this time  = Progressing towards the grade level standard at this time  = Performing below grade level standard at this time

9 Communication in Target Language 1. Speaks in conversations 2. Listens and interprets meaning 3. Reads and interprets meaning 4. Expresses ideas in writing with appropriate, vocabulary, grammar and organization 5. Uses and comprehends vocabulary FOREIGN LANGUAGE STANDARS

10 CULTURE Explains connections between target language and culture, and own language and culture.

11 Growth As a Learner 1. Participation 2. Collaboration 3. Following directions, routines, etc. 4. Preparation, organization and time management 5. Homework completion and quality You may find all the information that you need to know at:

12 HOMEWORK (tarea @ classroom or home) C = Complete and on time I = Incomplete N/P= No points will be given for homework that is missing or that is late.

13 CLASSROOM POLICIES Homework is due at the beginning of each class. Please, check the school‘s web page where you can find the most important information regarding Spanish homework, projects or presentations. Classwork is very important in this course, because I can value the progress, the productions and effort of each student. Any make-ups must be done within 5 days of returning to school. Other classroom and behavioral policies are covered in the student handbook. Please, do not forget your textbook, notebook, binder and a sharpened pencil. Parents may contact me by e-mail.


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