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Mr. Eckel Room 219 Spanish III – Periods 1, 3, 4, 7, 8 Spanish II – Period 6, 9.

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1 Mr. Eckel Room 219 Spanish III – Periods 1, 3, 4, 7, 8 Spanish II – Period 6, 9

2 Spanish Class You are in Room 219 with Mr. Eckel. Please sign the clipboard with your name and the name of your child. To contact me, please email at:

3 Mr. Daniel Eckel 1 Semester study in Puerto Rico at Universidad de Cayey Bachelor's in Spanish (Bloomsburg University) Master’s in Curriculum & Instruction (Bloomsburg University) 9 years of teaching experience 3 rd year teaching at EHS but 1 st year at EHS for full day.

4 Spanish II Course description: –The second level is an ongoing development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills begun in Spanish I. Students will continue to explore the traditions and customs of the Hispanic world. This course is considered a prerequisite for Spanish III. It is highly recommended that the student earn a 70% or higher average in Spanish I to take this course.

5 Spanish II Course Resources: –Textbook: Avancemos 2 –Website: Available resources of interest –Digital speaking flashcards –Grammar cartoons –Grammar Review Games –Practice Quizzes, and MORE! –Course Website: Click “STAFF” Find & Click “Eckel, D (Spanish)” Textbook Activation Code: 2587762-40 (Available online)

6 Spanish II Students will be able to speak about the topics of: –Vacation Travel –Sports & Daily routines –Clothes & Shopping –History & Legends Students will use the past, present and future verb tenses. Course Goals:

7 Students will understand cultural differences of Hispanic life in: –Spain –México –Costa Rica –Argentina –Puerto Rico –The United States

8 Homework Expectations What are your homework expectations? –Homework will be assigned regularly and recorded in the Daily Record Log. Students will daily record the daily topic of study, agenda, homework and upcoming assessments. –Homework will be checked the following day at the beginning of class. Homework assignments are generally 5 points. Partially completed work will receive a partial score and late work will receive half credit. –Homework may be collected unannounced and may be worth more than 5 points.

9 Behavioral Expectations What are your behavioral expectations? –Students are to be on time for class, with notebook, folder and writing utensil. –They are to begin recording the Daily Agenda upon entering the room. –Students are to do their homework regularly. –Online translators are not to be used. –No chewing gum during class. –Students are to prepare themselves daily for class. Even if homework was not given. Reviewing vocabulary is always needed. –Speak as much Spanish as possible. –Show respect to others: Students, teachers, guests, etc.

10 Contact Information How can you contact me? Mr. Daniel Eckel –Email: –Phone: 717-703-5360 x219 For future contact, I will email or call you with any concerns I have regarding your student’s academic or behavioral performance.

11 How to access the online textbook You can access the textbook online by creating a student account. 1.Open your internet browser and type in the address: 2.Fill in High School, Pennsylvania. Hit GO 3.Find Avancemos II book and click on it. 4.Create a user account by giving a username and password. 5.On the bottom of the main page click on 2007 Edition 6.Enter the activation code for the Level II book: 2587762-40 –You will now be able to access this book at your computer. In case you forget it, you will be able to access it from my site.

12 Please leave a note on the sign up sheet if you wish to talk about a concern at another time. Gracias por venir a “Back to School Night!” Thank you for coming to Back to School Night!

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