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Family Outreach and Response Program Strategic Plan 2012 - 2014 September 26 th, 2012.

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1 Family Outreach and Response Program Strategic Plan 2012 - 2014 September 26 th, 2012

2 Project Goal & Scope The primary goal of this project is to develop a 2 year strategic plan Articulate Vision & Mission Conduct Strategic Assessment Articulating why the organization exists, and where it is going Determining how the organization will fulfill its mission and achieve the envisioned future state Determining next steps to be undertaken Set Short Term Goals & Identify Challenges Set Strategic Initiatives  Use previous work as input (e.g. Jan/12 planning session)  Hold workshop with Karyn & Rebekah to finalize vision and mission  Conduct external assessment – target market, mental health sector (focus on comparable orgs.)  Conduct internal assessment of core processes & finances  Review performance as compared to vision  Draft goals and challenges based on strategic assessment  Hold workshop to: o Set short term (1-3yrs) goals, prioritized based on vision & mission o Identify objectives and targets within each goal o Identify challenges to achieving goals, prioritized based on impact to goals  Hold workshop to agree upon actionable initiatives to address challenges, meet goals  Assign responsibility and timelines for initiatives  Draft and finalize action plan Stage 1Stage 2 Stage 3  Draft vision and mission to be finalized by management team  Strategic assessment report  Input to goals and challenges  Up to five prioritized short term goals  List of prioritized challenges FOR will face in achieving goals, vision & mission Key Outputs  Operationalized strategy in form of action plan with key strategic initiatives 2

3 Remaining Project Timeline & Next Steps JUL 28AUG 4AUG 11AUG 18AUG 25SEPT 1SEPT 8 Prepare Strategic Initiative Workshop Strategic Initiatives Workshop Formulate Strategic Plan Present Strategic Plan to Board  Draft initiatives  Prepare workshop materials  Draft strategic plan  Review and revise plan with client  Prepare presentation  Deliver presentation to board 3

4 Strategic Plan Overview 4

5 Vision Mission Priorities Increase impact of family services within current set of resources Establish presence in online recovery education services space Achieve better alignment of youth services with vision and mission Invest in FOR infrastructure to support efficient delivery of all FOR services Key Initiatives Improve outreach to clients: —Maintain pre-move level of client referrals from CAMH —Target partnerships with medium to large orgs. with complimentary services Deliver at least one recovery education course online: —Develop business plan —Secure funding —Develop and launch online recovery education content and website Introduce in-home youth outreach position Continue investing in youth engagement programming for FOR youth family members Develop recovery groups for FOR youth family members Formalize delivery of recovery education services to professionals Solidify fundraising strategy Improve work load management Review workplace safety policy protocols in light of new position Continued monitoring of data quality Improve program evaluation Secure alternative funding stream to cover non-LHIN salaries FOR's vision is for recovery, hope and self-determination to be available for all families and individuals experiencing mental health distress. FOR is a leader in the development, implementation and promotion of mental health recovery principles. FOR's goal is offer recovery and hope-inspiring mental health programming to help improve the quality of life for families and individuals experiencing mental health distress. FOR promotes an inclusive, equitable and non-discriminatory approach to mental wellness. 5

6 A two year strategic plan was developed using the following approach: Strategic Plan Development An exercise to refine the articulation of the vision / mission was completed in early May and helped inform the strategic assessment A targeted strategic assessment of FOR’s external operating environment and its internal core operations was conducted to better understand FOR’s opportunities and challenges The strategic assessment was largely informed by interviews with the board and the staff Two workshops were held to set and prioritize short term goals, identify & prioritize challenges, and develop and prioritize strategic initiatives The workshops provided a forum for employees and the board to discuss the key challenges that FOR will face in achieving its goals and mission An action plan with key strategic initiatives that will allow FOR to achieve its short term goals was developed The team made adjustments to the plan/output from last workshop in order to better balance the workload in the plan's implementation 6

7 This plan is to be used by FOR to guide its work over the next two years Strategic Plan Overview  The plan offers details on how to take action on each of the strategic initiatives which support the strategic priorities  It is a plan designed with the flexibility to incorporate unanticipated changes to FOR’s operating environment  For example, new opportunities should be evaluated against how they contribute to the four strategic priorities  FOR should be prepared to review progress against the strategic plan regularly and make adjustments where necessary  We have suggested milestones / metrics to track in order to facilitate the review process 7

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