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AACVPR 2007 Affiliate Leadership Forum Strategic Planning Marie Bass Bryan Finn.

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1 AACVPR 2007 Affiliate Leadership Forum Strategic Planning Marie Bass Bryan Finn

2 What is Strategic Planning A management tool to help the organization do a better job Focus energy and resources appropriately Assess and adjust the organizations direction in response to a changing environment

3 How Strategic planning Works Planning involves: Setting goals Understanding what we do now Predicting future scenarios Determining the best responses to the future Understanding and prioritizing resources Denial is the essence of strategic planning

4 How Strategic Planning Works The process calls for an order and a pattern to keep focused It implies that some decisions and actions are more important than others Can be challenging, complex and messy

5 Strategic planning vs. Long range planning Long range planning – stable environment (50’s and 60’s) Strategic planning – the ability to adapt, adjust and plan for a changing environment

6 Strategic Thinking Are we asking the right questions Are we doing the right thing?

7 Strategic planning – 3 Elements Formulation of the mission in light of a changing external environment Development of a strategy to achieve the mission Creation of an organizational structure to deploy resources to accomplish goals

8 What Strategic Planning is not Strive to understand the future but does not attempt to make future decisions Involves anticipating the future but decisions are made in the present SP is a tool to be used with the judgment of good leadership Creative process – the decisions made today may alter those made yesterday

9 The Process may feel like a ride on a roller coaster – if you stay on track you’ll still get there.

10 Key concepts and definitions in SP Leads to action Builds a shared vision – value based All inclusive - participatory process Externally focused – sensitive to the eternal environment Based on data Openness to questioning the status quo Key part of effective management

11 Mission, Purpose and Vision Purpose – end result of why an organization exists What the organization seeks to accomplish

12 Mission A broader concept Includes the business of the organization to achieve its purpose Statement of values that guide the accomplishment of the mission

13 AACVPR’s Mission To reduce morbidity, mortality, and disability from cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases through education, prevention, rehabilitation, research, and aggressive disease management.

14 Vision The most global concept The successful accomplishment of the mission “promoting health and preventing disease”

15 Basic steps in the Strategic Planning Process 1. Getting ready 2. Articulating the mission/vision 3. Assessing the situation 4. Developing strategies goals and obj 5. Writing the plan

16 Getting Ready Is there time to plan? Who will participate? Will funds be needed? Gather data Identify the data to be collected

17 The Mission and Vision Are they relevant for the work of the organization? Do they reflect the work of the organization? Are the purpose and values still relevant?

18 Assessing the Situation Clear eyed look at the current situation A knowledge – based look at future scenarios (can be messy) An awareness of resources SWOT Highlighting critical issues Prioritizing based on resources

19 Developing Strategies Strategies – broad approaches Goals – general and specific results sought Objectives – who, how and when

20 Developing Strategies Can take time and flexibility Leadership must agree on priorities New insights may emerge at this step May change the thrust of the mission statement Overall outline of the organizations directions

21 Writing it Down Who drafts the plan? How long is it? Who agrees to the plan? The plan must provide sufficient detail to serve as a guide to getting results

22 AACVPR’s process December Board meeting Strategic planning (oversight) is a part of every planning year Who participates? How is data gathered? What is the outcome of that meeting?

23 AACVPR’s process What we accomplish Who writes the plan Who reviews the plan Who approves the plan What happens next Plan of work - budget

24 The Strategic Plan and Plan of Work Reviewed annually Tweaked not revised Re-prioritized Sample plan

25 Illinois Affiliate Strategic Planning Process Bryan Finn

26 Getting Started Presented SP at BOD meeting in March 2007 (new Fiscal Year) Extension of previous initiatives – formalized plan Presented 3 key strategies for discussion – linked to quality and growth Brainstorm goals – means to achieve

27 Keep it Simple Consistent with Affiliates Mission Engage Board members Keep goals achievable Share the fun!

28 Key Considerations BOD discussions and approval – 2-3 meetings Adjustments made based on BOD input Strategic Plan revised by President and sent to BOD for approval – on-line approval form Tie Goal responsibility to appropriate Board member role –Membership –Web site –RCP Build BOD Agenda around Goals – report progress Recruit support from outside the Board Adjust goals and timelines as necessary

29 Group Assignment You are the Board of Directors –178 members minimal growth over past 5 years (21 are AACVPR members) –Large state geographically –Committed Board – been around a while –State conference held annually averaging 100 attendees –Web Site is fair –Communication to members – as needed –Strategic planning has been informal Brainstorm 4 key Strategies

30 Goal Development You are now independent Affiliates Elect a President Develop 3-4 goals around each strategy –Keep them simple/achievable –Establish timelines

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