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2 GOALS Speak about Christmas and New Year in Britain and Russia, compare and find some differences Prepare to write memories about New Year in Russia

3 O U R P L A N You are going to 1. learn some new words
2. watch and discuss the film about Christmas and New Year in the UK 3. speak about Russian Christmas and New Year 5. sing songs





8 VIDEO Remember everything you know about celebrating Christmas and New Year. Watch the video about celebration in Britain and in groups prepare to speak about the differences between celebrating Christmas in Britain and in Russia.

9 DIFFERENCES 1. Popularity 2. Date 3. Main character 4. Presents
5. Meals 6. Activities

10 1. Christmas is the most popular celebration in the UK, but in Russia Christmas is not as popular as in Britain. New Year is the most popular.

11 2. British people celebrate Christmas on December, 25th
2. British people celebrate Christmas on December, 25th . We celebrate it on January, 7th.

12 3. British children write letters to Father Christmas, Russian children sometimes write letters to Father Frost.

13 4. British children act in nativity plays, Russian children don’t do it.

14 5 . British people put up and decorate a Christmas tree and their houses on Christmas Eve, we don’t do it before Christmas, we do it on New Year Eve.

15 6. British children leave some brandy and mince pies for Father Christmas. Our children don’t leave anything for Father Frost.

16 7. Father Christmas comes at Christmas night through the chimney, our Father Frost travels in a sleigh.

17 8. British children find their presents under the Christmas tree or in the stockings at the end of their beds. Our children find them under the New Year tree.

18 9. British children can find a chocolate sixpence in their stockings
9. British children can find a chocolate sixpence in their stockings. Our children can find Russian chocolate coins in their presents.

19 10. In British crackers there are silly paper hats, jokes, small presents, in our crackers there is confetti.

20 11. British people listen to Queen’s speech on Christmas, our people don’t listen to Our President’s speech on Christmas, we listen to it at New Year Night.

21 12. For Christmas British people eat roast turkey, brandy butter, Christmas pudding, mince pies, and a Christmas cake decorated with polar bears and snowmen. We eat roast goose.

22 13. British people sing in their Christmas carols, ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas…and a Happy New Year!’ Russian people sing other songs.

23 CHRISTMAS IN RUSSIA Speak about celebrating Christmas in Russia. Say which British Christmas traditions you would like to take and why.

24 S I N G A S O N G

25 Dashing through the snow,
Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to ride In a one horse open sleigh. Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh, Over the fields we go, laughing all the way. Bells on bob-tails ring, making spirits bright, What fun it is to ride and sing sleighing song tonight.

26 Watch the video and prepare to answer the questions about celebrating the New Year in the UK.

27 What do British people organise to celebrate New Year?
Where do British people wait for the 12th chime of Big Ben? What can British people see in the sky at New Year night?

28 British people have New Year parties to celebrate this holiday.
They wait for the 12th chime of Big Ben in Trafalgar Square in London

29 3. British people can see fireworks in the sky at New Year’s night.

30 LISTEN Should old acquaintance be forgot And never brought to mine?
And days of auld lang syne? For auld lang syne,my dear, For auld lang syne! We’ll take a cup of kindness yet

31 DIALOGUES Discuss the differences between celebrating the New Year in Britain and in Russia.

32 H O M E W O R K Write about your childhood memories of New Year in our country Use the text on page 34 as an example.



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