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Multiple Sclerosis Presented By: Dallas Cole And Andy Coffey.

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1 Multiple Sclerosis Presented By: Dallas Cole And Andy Coffey

2 WHAT IS MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS Disease that affects the central nervous system Mostly Brain and Spinal Cord Affects the areas of the brain and spinal cord known as the white matter MS was first described in 1835 by Jean-Martin Charcot.

3 WHAT IS MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS White matter cells carry signals between the grey matter areas MS destroys Oligodendrocytes which help the neurons carry electrical signals 1. Nerve Cell Body 2. Axon with Myelin Sheaths 3. Neuromuscular Junctions 4. Muscle Fibers

4 MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS CAUSES Causes Unknown Many experts believe that multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease where immune systems attacks normal healthily tissue

5 MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS CAUSES There could also be a genetic link Where you grew up may also play a role. MS is more common in those who grew up in colder

6 MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SYMPTOMS Symptoms depend on which parts of the brain and spinal cord are damaged Muscle problems. Visual problems. Sensory Balance

7 MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS DIAGNOSIS MS is not diagnosed until a doctor is sure you have had two attacks The doctor will give a examination, questions about the symptoms An MRI is often used to confirm the diagnosis

8 MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS TREATMENT Two main types of treatment To make the attack shorter and less severe they will issue a high dose of intravenous corticosteroids Over a long period of time, to keep down the number of attacks and how severe they are disease-modifying therapy and Mitoxantrone.

9 MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS Final Outcome Depression Drugs do not work always for everyone, and they do have strong side effects Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy can help you reduce some problems caused by MS


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