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Subject Possessive pronoun adjective

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1 Subject Possessive pronoun adjective
He She It We You They My His Her Its Our Your Their mine his hers its ours yours theirs

2 Possessive Adjective or Pronoun?
1 This is ________ book. 2 This book is _____. 3 This is ______ pen. 4 This pen is ______ . my my/mine mine my/mine your your/yours your/yours yours

3 Possessive Adjective or Pronoun?
That’s _______ bag. That bag is ______. Where’s _____ coat? That isn’t my coat. It’s ___. her her/hers hers her/hers his he/him/his his he/him/his

4 Possessive Adjective or Pronoun?
our/ours our We like ______ house. This house is ______. They’ve lost ______ keys. These keys aren’t ours. They’re ______. ours our/ours their Their/theirs theirs their/theirs

5 my his her your our their mine his hers yours ours theirs

6 Pronouns yours his hers ours theirs I me my you your he him his she
we us our they them their mine yours his hers ours theirs

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