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Lean Training Standard Work. Agenda What is it? What’s it for? How does it work? When do you use it? What’s an example?

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1 Lean Training Standard Work

2 Agenda What is it? What’s it for? How does it work? When do you use it? What’s an example?

3 What is it? Standard work represents the best, safest, and easiest way to do a job

4 What’s it for? Standard work allows an organization to: Create consistency and predictability Preserve know-how and expertise Prevent recurrence of errors Improve staff satisfaction and productivity Improve patient and physician satisfaction

5 How does it work? Standard work is a documented record of how to do a job It must be followed by all those performing that particular task All associates All shifts Creating standard work involves several steps

6 Steps to Create Standard Work Evaluate the current situation Identify areas of opportunity Modify the existing process Quantify improvements Implement new standard work

7 Evaluate Current Situation To implement standard work, the current process needs to be understood Direct observation is the best way to know the current process Don’t rely on procedures Don’t rely on memory or brainstorming This process frequently follows a mapping exercise

8 Evaluation (cont.) There are several tools to assist in the observation of the current process Standard work sheets Time observation sheets Combination sheets Loading diagrams Many are best used for routine, repetitive tasks

9 Evaluation tools Standard Work Sheet Visually shows layout and work sequence


11 Evaluation tools Time Observation Sheet Used to gather data on time duration of operation elements Three key steps Identify work elements Determine observation points Time


13 Evaluation tools Combination Sheet Helps make obvious the relationship between workers and machines - - the timing of operations performed in one cycle by one team member


15 Evaluation tools Loading Diagram Visual display of cycle time observations


17 Evaluations For duties that are less frequent, evaluations can be done more informally You can create your own tool for evaluating the current process as needed Time, motion, frequency, and interruptions are the most commonly-used evaluation criteria

18 Identify areas of opportunity There are many ways to identify areas for opportunity 7 forms of waste Spaghetti diagrams Value added vs. non-value added activities These methods highlight steps in the process that can be modified or eliminated

19 Quantify Improvements Once opportunities are identified, changes to the work processes can be tested, evaluated, and selected Improvements should be measured in a live environment to ensure that they work and that they are an improvement The new standard work can now be documented and implemented

20 Implement To implement new standard work, it must first be documented Write it down Next, the best way to hand out or display the new process should be determined Checklist? Photos? Posted in work area? Index cards?

21 Implement Next, the best communication and training methods should be selected Who? How? When? Measurements should be in place A method for ensuring that the new standard work is being used should be developed

22 When do you use it? Standard work should be used for any task that is part of a process In other words, all the time When people depend on each other, standard work can make any work process easier, more predictable, and less prone to error

23 From Dr. Richard Kunkle in Toyota Talent, Jeffrey Liker and David Meier, McGraw-Hill, 2007, pg. 187. Standard Work in Practice

24 Let’s Try It

25 What’s an example? How to write your name on a flip chart 1. Stand up 2. Go to the flip chart 3. Pick up the marker 4. Write your name 5. Put down the marker 6. Return to chair 7. Sit down

26 What’s an example? STANDARD WORK SHEET PROCESS: Secretary workflow prior to start of new facilitators To be accomplished as soon as possible but no less than 1 week prior to arrival of new facilitator TriggerReceive an email with notification of new facilitator from Lead Facilitator Work with lead facilitator to assign workspace/cube Contact New Facilitator to complete an equipment/supply/access needs assessment Assess PC needs and log a help desk call if necessary Obtain home phone and extension number for secretaries and modify the facilitator phone listing Setup a meeting with new facilitator on the first day from 8-10am with the department secretary Etc.

27 What’s an example? Admission packet instructions

28 What’s an example?

29 Report Form For ED Admissions

30 Questions?

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