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Lifetime Health Chapter 1 Leading a Healthy Lifestyle.

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1 Lifetime Health Chapter 1 Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

2 Section 1 Health and Teens Health Today – Health in the Past: Infectious Diseases 1800’s to early 1900’s leading causes of death in the U.S. were infectious diseases – diseases caused by pathogens, such as bacteria. – Passed from one person to another. – Examples of infectious diseases include: » Polio » Tuberculosis » Pneumonia » influenza – Infectious diseases were a constant threat – People of this time believed that being healthy was being free from disease.

3 Section 1 Health and Teens Health Today: Lifestyle Diseases – Factors that helped to bring infectious diseases of the past under control are: Medical advances Better living conditions Focus on preventative medicine Today most health problems is the US are related to the way we live. Lifestyle diseases – diseases caused partly by unhealthy behaviors and partly by other factors. – Diseases influenced by the choices you make that affect your health. – Examples of diseases that can be influenced by lifestyle are some types of » Diabetes » Some types of heart diseases » Some types of cancer

4 Health Risk Factors Risk Factor – anything that increases the likelihood of injury, disease, or other health problems. – Example of Risk Factors for Hearth Disease are: History of heart disease in the family High fat diet Stress Being overweight Smoking Lack of exercise. Types of Risk factors: Controllable Risk Factors – risk factors that you can do something about. – Controlled by your behavior. » Examples of controllable risk factors of heart disease Physical activity Smoking Weight diet Uncontrollable Risk Factors – risk factors that can’t be changed. – Examples of uncontrollable risk factors of heart disease » Age » Race » Gender » Heredity

5 Risk Factors and your Health You can protect your health by focusing on controllable risk factors which you can change through your behavior. What behaviors can you focus on at this point in your life? Before you can answer this question you should know the leading causes of death for people your age in the United States are: – Motor vehicle accidents – Homicide – Suicide – Other accidents These fours causes of death make up almost three-fuorths of all teen deaths Leading causes of death in the 19-65 years of age is cancer. Leading causes of death in the 65 and older age group is heart disease.

6 Six Health Risk Behaviors Six types of risk factors that cause the most serious health problems are: 1.Sedentary Lifestyle – not taking part in physical activity on a regular basis is referred to as being sedentary. Those who have sedentary lifestyles raise the risk of certain diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. 2.Alcohol and other drug use Causes liver disease Certain types of cancers Heart disease Brain damage Major factor in car accidents, physical fights, depression, suicide, and mental disorders. Factors in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These are diseases that are spread through sexual activity. Ex: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS), caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

7 Six Health Risk Behaviors 3.Sexual Activity – sexual activity outside of a committed relationship, such as marriage, puts people at risk for health problems. These health problems include HIV infection, other sexually transmitted diseases, and unplanned pregnancy. 4.Behaviors that cause injuries – risk factor that can lead to homicide is carrying a weapon and not using a seat belt that can lead to death in a motor vehicle accident.

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